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fuck offIs that better?I know for a fact that a large number of people don't properly wash their hands after they've done their business, and then they glom onto the handle to let themselves out of the restroom.No fucking way am I comfortable touching that handle with my obsessively-clean hands. There had better be a wastebasket right next to the door, or I'll simply toss the towel on the floor.
Sounds to me like the problem is solved.
The Omen. With Gregory Peck.
fuck off.The door of every public restroom should be "push" to get out.
Would you hit it?
Jezuz, neo. Won't that go straight to your hips?
Just man up and ask him out, edina.
^This is the correct answer.And, please, don't ask my how I know this.
Thanks all.After a 25 year absence, I am going back into the newspaper business!Well, newspaper and online business.I'm excited.p.s. going to keep my real estate license for awhile. Too many good clients to turn my back on. I can bank the RE commission checks to rebuild the nestegg my ex wiped out.
2010 is a fucking lifetime ago in real estate terms, edina.The termites alone should make you run away from this deal.
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