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I agree with this.
Hey now.Don't get carried away with this shit.
I have entered my golden years secure in the knowledge that the RubeBabes™ are out of the league of most of styleforum.
Wouldn't it have been easier to just allow your legs to crumple beneath you?
RubeBabe™I hit teenagedom 20 years ago.RubeBabe™IV is fifteen.I have been dealing with this shit for a long time.
Did you buy any soup?
Just wait 'til she hits the "I hate my fucking dad" stage.It happened with all the RubeBabes™. They eventually grow out of it, but it surely sucks while it is in effect.
My grandmother's house was somehow "marked" so the hobos coming though town knew they could go there and get a meal. Sort of like this thread.
Check back in a couple hours.
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