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Roll her in flour and poke the wet spot
Nah. No way.
Never been drunk enough
A young understudy - who fancies himself a modern-day version of youthful Rube - leaves shortly for an extended Australian adventure. He has only a one-way ticket, and no real plans or itinerary. Any Australian members care to serve as some sort of safety net for him? PM me if you're feeling parental, or life guardian.
wow. I've been mulling my own sliding belt dilemma since I pulled the corduroys out of their summer hibernation. (Why didn't I think of coming home to StyleForum for an answer?) Although I'm dying to know WHY the belt moves; why it moves only to my left; and why it occurs only when I wear corduroys? BTW: Happy Thanksgiving, gents. Nice to see the forum is operating without me.
Busy.J.O.B.I hear ksilk is awol as well.Hope all is well with most of you.
I'll take foreign policy for $200, Alex
Hey guize, Just popped in to see if America electing a moderate Republican has changed the vibe here. Rube
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