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All right, so when the invitation to an afternoon wedding in the U.S. does not specify any dresscode, wearing a navy suit would be an appropriate thing to do for me as a guest? I'm double checking since where I live (Sweden), an invitation without a specified dresscode means formal wear.
Funny. I bought three retail Borrellis last year and they were all good. MoP buttons, nice fabric and as much hand stitching as my older ones. I still have not come across a Borrelli with plastic buttons. To get the Borrellis with the magically thin and soft cloth you have to look for the Royal Collection and then they will almost cost as Kiton.To give an opinion on the Zegna shirts as per the question above, I think the one I have fits in between Corneliani and Borrelli;...
The U.K. is pretty warm. Are you sure you won't be all right with knitwear under the jacket? Maybe a tweed SC? More versatile combos that will keep your luggage limited.
If you can't tell the difference, why do you want to know?
It is probably not worn much.
The wooden crutch and cane will match your leather goods so the "colour" of your actual umbrella should be: a) black b) black c) black
I bought a pair of beige cavalry twills from Cording's two years ago and donated them to charity the other week. They are not ment to be worn post 1955. I really wanted to like them, but the too strong diagonal structure in the twill made them difficult to match. It also made me look like the German teacher I had in the 80s and he looked antiquated already then. With a navy, wool SC it could be done, but there are so many better alternatives out there and I don't agree...
I have normally donated them to the Salvation Army, but started to (over)think: If the Salvation Army sells it "here" and uses the income to finance good things where needed (e.g. drilling wells in poor dry countries, etc), I'm happy, but if they donate the clothes in a poor country it will undermine the business for the local clothes industry/trade. If the clothes contain lots of synthetic fibres, they (plastic micro fibres) will via the laundry waist water end up in...
An allegedly true story from the Kingdom of Sweden:The King's adjutant, Admiral Anderberg and the finance minister Gunnar Sträng (a Social Democrat, man of the people) are standing in the courtyard of the royal castle in Stockholm, sometime during the 60's. Sträng tries to make conversation:- How long does it take to learn how to carry a monocle so elegantly?- Two generations.
I was in a shop full of PZ in Bern, Switzerland, last month.
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