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I had to look it up, but it was worth it. Touché!!
Unbuttoned when standing up? Sure, if the jacket doesn't fit, why bother? But if it fits great it would be a shame not to show it. I.e, unbuttoned standing up is for those whose jackets don't fit, or those who don't have the minerals to look their best.
I just bought a Borrelli LV cotton blazer, sized EUR 54. I am normally an EUR 52L, but many Italian brands fit better in 54. (However, sizing seems to vary a lot for those "high end", "hand made" brands, so knowing your measurements is a must.) Back to my EUR 54R Borrelli LV - it was perfect over the shoulders, perfect length (I am tall but my jacket preference is sliiiightly shorter), but wide at the waist. Wide is however a small problem as I had it taken in a bit, so...
If I pursue a second career as a shepherd, I could wear a big tweed- or loden cape. It would be like a warm little tent to sit in by the bonfire, watching the sheep being torn apart by wolves.
Here is another one who can't wear a beret properly: assume you find this style more proper, and I would agree:
So you are interested in fashion rather than style? Or are you refering to the thread?
If you are in to white slacks, brown suede shoes are the best choice in my opinion.
So it is like wearing a wedding ring? Since I got married women have acted a lot more friendly.My suggestion to OP is to wear a ring, then.
The Becketts, of course. The side seam makes them look like a '56 Chevy Bel Air.
My theory as well. I still have not come across any of the non-handwork/plastic-button ones.
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