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Could someone please define Business Casual, then? I thought the blue shirt would have made it Business Casual even with a tie.
I love cotton and wear it every day but no one seems to consider me a fetishist and there really should not be a difference. There might be, however. Are you German?
The black cordovan shoes I have seen have not had the kind of shine I think black shoes should have (the "spit and polish" kind), so I think cordovan is better suited for non-black shoes.
In question 11, the Others-alternativ needs to be clickable. If you don't check one of the boxes, you can't move on in the survey. I had to click "Marks & Spencer" in order to move on, although I am not sure I've ever been there. So take one Marks & Spencer out from your statistics.
BTW, does anyone know where to find Caruso and Borrelli in Berlin? Those who, according to Label Finder, carry Caruso don't have much and Borrelli is nowhere to be found as far as I know. And as for tourism, I suggest the Humboldt Box at Unter den Linden. They have a pretty good model of what Berlin looked like around 1900. It has changed a bt since then.....
Patrick Hellman on Kurf├╝rstendamm sells Attolini, Kiton and their own brand, allegedly made in the same factory as Attolini. If you visit Chelsea Farmer's Club (you may very well be disappointed), also check out British Clothing Berlin next door; MacIntosh, Boglioli, Belvest, Mabitex etc.
Chukkas with everything but worsted
Buster Kiton
I don't think there is such a thing as short-sleeve dress shirts. There are short-sleeve shirts that look good enough for work in hot climates, but take away "dress" from the equation and it wil be easier to find the style.
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