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Unless you are unemployed and have starving children, you should keep them.
I would prefer a toolbelt to a vest. That is business casual, right?
You will "stand out a bit from the drones" regardless of what you wear; your superior and arrogant attitude will be sensed far away from the stock room.
And grandfathers in the 70s
+1, plastic micro fibres end up in the food chain via laundry, waistwater, oceans
You might get more constructive feed back if you post your question in the Streetwear & Denim-part of the forum.
Funny, I could have sworn it meant "Central Business District" (Actually, I still think it does. Ot there...), which also would have made sense - what to wear in that environment.
Silkman, I agree the first look you posted is great, sans the hat, but note that it is a linen shirt - a different game.
Mine has no sleeve buttons; when I had it made, I could not find any small regimental buttons, so I decided to leave them out completely. The abscence of sleeve buttons has a logical connection to the dress uniform it is supposed to complement, so I have not bothered to sew them on later either. Right or wrong? Don't know, but at least it does not look off-the-peg.
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