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Dear OP, When it comes to appearance, your own preference is more important. If you like your shirts tucked in, you should wear your shirts tucked in. Eventually you attract a woman who has the same preference and it is more likely that se will be a keeper than someone who wants something other than you.
I would have buttoned the jacket cuffs, but other than that I think it is a perfect look.
And don't forget to bring a straw for the Champagne cocktails.
Never been to one, but a Jason-hockey mask (plain white) would obviously look great with a black tie rig.
Personally, I would not feel comfortable wearing a coat of arms or insignia representing something of which I was never a part. One also risks getting a beating from a bunch of London City clerks walking in to the wrong pub wearing a jacket with the top right buttons in your latest suggestion.
Tattersall. Cording's normally have decent deals.
All right, I am not a native English speaker, but since when is "cordovan" a colour?
I really like the look of your travel wardrobe; tweed or cashmere PWC is meant to be worn in the real world. What do you wear in Dubai?
Intentional or not - as an assistant manager it is wise to at least try to look upon your co-workers as something other than mindless machines.
I have always argued that if it is hot enough for shorts, it's too hot to wear a jacket. The combination of shorts and a sports coat or blazer is silly regardless by whom it has previously been worn. It was discussed in another thread a while back and someone claimed it looks great because it was once worn by British officers, but the only pictures I have ever come across have been of the British desert uniform from WWII, i.e. a light cotton uniform and NOT anything more...
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