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I would have gone for either lighter trousers or darker shoes, but I think you look O.K. with the chosen combo. SrbenĀ“s burgundy shoe suggestion is also good.
Reg cashmere trousers:
Yes, the embarrasment, if there is any, will be his.
Why not? Get a couple of pairs in different colours. I have passed the limit for when it looks O.K. with sneakers so the desert boot is the perfekt casual shoe in my opinion.
What happened to shaving? Not considered stylish anymore?
Congrats on a beautiful suit, I could see it with lots of variations; light blue or pink solid shirts, try it with finely striped or micro checked shirts as well (although that might clash with the texture of the suit fabric). Dark grey or navy ties, e.g. wool or grenadine. Solid or with a subdued pattern. Burgundy or dark brown shoes would be perfect Actually, the only limitation I can think of is too large patterns on shirts and tie, but the over check is so subtle,...
I understand a whole suit in the estate tweed is typically worn by the game keeper. The guns would wear traditional and functional clothes. Breaches, shooting jacket, Barbour, etc.
I have an identical pair of those on the very first picture of this thread, i.e. the Rio last, and the term "formfitting" is very appropriate.I have no experience of Alden
I have a pair that I bought five years ago and it is the most comfortable pair of shoes I have. Has been from day one too. Leather is super!
Polos are brilliant casual wear, actually as casual as I will ever be seen outside of the gym. Having entered my forties, I always wear shirts with collars, i.e. the polo has become what the t-shirt was when I was in my twenties. Dress your age, as they say. For the office? Possibly if you work on a Saturday in July.
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