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Yes, there are two reasons:1) (At least my) feet get too warm with too much plastic/rubber/synthetics wrapped around them. Very uncomfortable.2) Following 1), the gorgonzola-dog duty blend stench the feet and shoes will get after a whileBonus reason:I don´t know how old the OP is, but having passed a certain age, wearing sneakers looks really sad.
Desert boots, e.g. Clarks.
All right! I will definitely start off with trawling there when it´s time for my next suit.
For less than a thousand Dollars?
This is my exact perception as well - the lower quality must have been for the U.S. market. I have bought a couple of shirts during 2011-12 and there is nothing to complain about. The buttons are, like you say, slightly thinner, but still thicker than on a Kiton.The whole thing shows how difficult it is to build a brand and how easy it is to destroy it; a couple of batches sold in the U.S. three years ago were of poor quality and it´s still all over the internet that...
I used to have longish hair, like the left guy in the examples shown by sprout2, for the very same reasons - I wanted to attract women. It was reasonably successful (I also received some hate from other men, mainly from the anglo-saxon culture). But when I realized I understood exactly what women mean when they talk about a "bad hair day", I also realized it was time tfor a hair cut. The bad hair day problematics may disappear with even longer hair, but then it would get...
If OP is as wealthy as he claims, he can wear whatever he wants and his school mates will love him anyway.
Some inspiration:
Red socks
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