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It´s way too short. Also loose the hankie or the ensemble will be too busy.
It´s OK
Don´t forget the half-eaten baguette under the arm
I also made the Google image search now and..... what the He......?! That might just blow up in their faces.
True, and still it does not look very good.
The problem with black is that it only works with white, when used in such large a scale as a suit. (When other shades and colours are dominant, black works as a complement, e.g. black shoes or tie to a gray or navy suit) So if a black suit is the only option (please run the issue with your future wife once more), a pair of black shoes would be the best choice. I agree that the shoes you have pictured would be more versatile than a black pair, but I can see no use what...
Yes, it was. Cana is possibly the worst advice I have ever seen on Style Forum.
In Stockholm: Clothes (and some shoes): Hans Allde, Lund & Lund and Gabucci have nice stuff. NK (the big department store) is O.K. Shoes: Skoaktiebolaget and the C&J store on Humlegårdsgatan The prices are generally a bit high in Sweden, but in the summertime there is a chance a sale is going on.
I can´t tell what leather quality they have from the pictures, but - if one of them is corrected grain, pick the other one. - If both of them are corrected grain pick the black one - If both of them are calf/cordovan pick the brown one above based on how they will age, i.e. a good leather in brown will age beautifully. If black, the patina will be less important.
It also depends on the suit; navy or charcoal worsted = probably not, khaki cotton suit = probably better.
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