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Congrats Jason....wishing you and your wife the best for the future...and wishing your shirts drop soon...oh selfish me!
That's awesome! Thanks for the super fast reply.....btw Matt big fan of your Epaulet wiwt get ups....keep em coming..Oz
Hey Guys First post here but long time lurker like so many other.....anyone know if the carmina jodphur order is still open? Is states it closed on the 24rth of Sept but I can still order my size.....I noticed there was a post earlier that mentioned the wholecut order was being kept open till Monday...does this also apply for the jodphur? Thanks Oz
If you got it PM me and we can work something out....
Hey Jason Rocked that caramel twill yesterday. Thanks so much for the awesome service again! LG
PM sent....
I saw some great pictures of it and had to have it being the greedy person I am! Thanks heaps...
I ordered one of those last night....was I the last to kop?
I would definitely be interested in this....
? Big Lebowski
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