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Thanks fxh...will check it out....always had a soft spot for French musicians....
Yep you certainly dodged the customs bullet.....
"But I am curios re your online name - Willy De Ville fan?" Sorry not related to said performer...unfortunately it s a nickname that stuck after a friend of mine saw a paperbook in Paris with said creature on the front and thought I resembled it in my uni days..quite unflattering but sentimentally comforting for old times sake (I guess)..
Yeh I got the call for the $200 irradiation treatment fee from Fed ex...
Hot damn Joiji...missed that boat big time! Obviously should have paid more attention to the thread. Mr Brownman...I did go down the Hangar project pathway (Kirby has got some really nice stuff!) but unfortunately customs got it and the rest is history! I will now pm you! OLG
Hey Guys Sorry to hijack the thread....frequent reader and infrequent poster...keen to get a deer bone for my cordovan shoes (heard it is very beneficial)...anywhere in Melbourne got it? Thanks OLG
PM sent...,
Got some! New Years Resolution = Blown
Hey Kiya Those Globe specs look real nice...maybe a stupid question but are those lenses in them at the moment sunglass lenses?
Very sent re sizing
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