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Classic look in beige Hardly worn Pit to Pit 22 inches Shoulder tip to sleeve 26inches Length 38 inches Postage included to Australia. PM for international Add 4% for paypal fees
Sorry Guys to hijack the thread but if you missed out on these really nice shirts from Romp then I have a couple for sale... http://www.styleforum.net/t/349073/owen-james-shirts/0_50
Tried to make these work but unfortunately couldn't. These are in practically brand new condition. Measurements are: Blue Gingham P2P 20inches, Shoulder tip to cuff 26inches, Length 33inches White P2P 22inches, Shoulder tip to cuff 25inches, length 33inches One shirt for 50A$ and both for 80A$ Shipping included in Australia Apologies for the lack of ironing... PM for international Add 4% for paypal fees
From a few years back. Hardly worn and in great condition. Don't really make it into the rotation these days so hence the sale. Shipping included for Australia. PM me if you are in an international location. Thanks for looking
Wow...I was listening to Paul's Boutique on the commute to work this morning and opened the thread to read this......? coincidence or destiny
Hey Guys First sale here but have bought from here quite a bit. These are a pair of Roy's Jeans bought a few years back from self edge. They have been hot soaked once and cold soaked twice. Still lots of life and fade potential left in them. Measurements buttoned BIG style are: Waist 16inches Front Rise 9inches Thigh 11inches Knee 8 inches Inseam 31inches (chainstitched at self edge) Leg opening 7inches I accept paypal (please add 4% to cover fees). Shipping included in...
Hey Joiji No not an issue at all. I agree they are just doing their job and I appreciate what they do. In the end just want to kop the deer bone at the cheapest price......
Thanks fxh...will check it out....always had a soft spot for French musicians....
Yep you certainly dodged the customs bullet.....
"But I am curios re your online name - Willy De Ville fan?" Sorry fxh....no not related to said performer...unfortunately it s a nickname that stuck after a friend of mine saw a paperbook in Paris with said creature on the front and thought I resembled it in my uni days..quite unflattering but sentimentally comforting for old times sake (I guess)..
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