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$60? Sweet score!Being happy with a functional garment is all I ever want. I thought maybe you'd gotten it from the same seller. I was surprised because I didn't expect to find one NWOT. Do you know if yours is the "Alexander" model? This model is 49" long from the collar seam. With a measuring tape that seems to hit me about mid-calf. I'll find out when I get it how long it is for sure, but I just ordered it on Wednesday and it's coming from Cali. (Scratch that. This one...
Inspired by this, I picked up a NWOT, vintage BB Made in the USA trench for +/- $200 on the bay. I think it's probably a bargain compared to what I've seen out there. From the pics, it really looks to be NWOT. There isn't any wear on the leather-covered buckles at all.
Very cool! The beauty of the arrow bar is that it doesn't really pierce the tie. It's an optical illusion. It's like one of those fake "arrow through the head" gags.
Is this a test thread for Manton's Law?
Yup... http://vimeo.com/23155705
I thought about it, but I'm an East Side denizen (work and home) and Soiffer Haskin just feels like a trek. Especially considering the brand is on discount everywhere—all the time.
I have that same vintage tie bar. I've never worn it. You're inspiring me to dig it out.
Burberry makes so much crap now that it's kinda hard to say with any authority, but from just looking at pictures and not handling it, I'm guessing fake. That Mexican import tag is weird to me -- does someone who lives in Mexico know something about them? I think I can see some messed up stitching in the first pic. Maybe a reject sold on the black market? I'd hit up a handbag forum...
This looks authentic. And as Mike comments, nobody is knocking off vintage Mugler. I think it's probably early '90s, though.
Add me to the chorus of "Don't wanna look at mops, brooms, and vacuum cleaners." I can hang in a 300 sq ft apartment (with a 300 sq ft closet).
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