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Yeah, I think the trousers clash with the fabric and formality of the coat and tie. I could see them in a seaside town with sandals and OCBD.
I used to have an OCBD almost exactly like that pattern that was my grandfathers. I wore it casually until it was threadbare. Trousers — I'm not so sure I'd do.
I can't find the damage on clothing with Google, but here it is on a carpet. The larvae of the beetle eat through the soft pile on top of the fabric, but not all the way through like clothes moths. So you can really see the weave as all the pile is eaten off. Something like this, but not as drastic and the weave is the same color as the pile:
Thanks for the advice. I contacted the seller to tell him about the beetle damage and musty smell. It's something that could be missed if you aren't familiar with it. But I, unfortunately, am.I haven't worn it so hadn't noticed the back length. But I was a little concerned about the size of the shoulder/armhole. I thought maybe the seller underestimated the size.
Received mine yesterday. It looks great and I love the length. The construction is excellent. Only problem is that while it looks unworn, there is some carpet beetle damage to the collar liner and wool lining. It also has a musty odor. I can't decide what to do... Should I try cleaning it and use it without the liners or just return?
+1A personal pet peeve I hold is a knot is that is noticeably wider than the front blade.
I had to go look in my closet for authentication (my robe is done up left over right but I wanted buttonholes). Holdfast is correct. If you "put yourself in to" the one I bought and imagine closing it, the buttons close as my other DBs.The Burberry above mine is right over left. But as Holdfast has stated, perhaps the seller just buttoned it up wrong.
I'm thinking it's the same one.
I bet they did. Those are some scales.I used to go to a hide wholesaler on the outskirts of the Garment District called Libra Leather on occasion for work. The first time I walked in there I was floored. I think a PETA zealot would find their head exploding.
I like to refer to Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature when talk turns to Mad Max-ian end-of-the-world scenarios.That said, I'd like to be here:http://www.privateislandsonline.com/islands/victor-islandProbably wearing something like this:
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