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I suppose it is. The artist took liberty — the horse and hawk are made of flowers.
It's not a joke? The video sure does feel like it is.
I'm loving this vintage Ferregamo on the bay: Unfortunately, it's got some condition issues.
They might work okay for glasses, but considering that microfiber is much easier on coated lenses, I can see your attraction to it. It's just thick and not particularly elegant. Cotton hankies do get much softer than pocket squares because you wash them a lot. So they'd probably do a better job. #firstworldproblems is right...
My handkerchiefs are cotton. My favorites are from Italy and Switzerland. US hankies are usually so disappointing.
^ Interesting. But I already carry a hankie in my trouser pocket for that stuff.
After working your magic on my last batch, no doubt there will be something incoming!Yup. Closet space is at a premium. I'm hoping to remedy that soon, but in the meantime, a bunch of stuff needs to get out of the way. I have a decent-sized storage space that I rent, but I had bug damage from a neighbors cube in the past and don't want to take chances. It's the kind with the chicken wire for a roof.I have a friend who stores there and he swears by them. And then I have...
Thanks. I liked what Hallak had to say on their website about the way they care for tailored clothing. I think it's coming down to Hallak versus Meurice. Madame Paulette was already the dark horse. As I was sorting through things, I started thinking I might take the tailored stuff to Hallak and the trousers and knits to Meurice.
Thanks. I am leaning slightly toward them only because they have an outpost Downtown. Have you stored with them or just cleaned?
Sorry if this has been discussed in the past, but I did some searches and they came up short. After some problems with my storage solution last year, I decided to research the high-end dry cleaners this year as I think that the extra cost would be worth it if the end result is that nothing is ruined. The three top choices seem to be Meurice, Hallak, or Madame Paulette. They all have good and bad reviews on Yelp and are probably in the same stratospheric price range. So I...
New Posts  All Forums: