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You can't throw a stone in my neighborhood (LES/Alphabet City) without hitting some form of project/government housing.And they make it a middle door. Because the ends have no AC vents.
That looks more like a claret or a gamay than a burgundy.
Fake. Look at the embroidered tag. The shape of the G is all distorted and the ampersand is choppy.
^ Nothing in 10US as of Friday afternoon. Either that or I missed them because they weren't in the designated size 10 aisle.
^ No. If you look closely at the pic, there are runs in it that most likely would show since they're close to the center... If I could find one new or undamaged, I'd definitely snag.
Raglan sleeves are tough. I can tell you that I'm 6' 2" and the sleeves were plenty long on me... The shoulders/armholes were roomy, but I'd imagine they're probably a touch smaller than a 42.
I returned it to Virginia. There were a couple of tiny moth holes in the lining. Nothing glaring. I would guess that the collar should fit. Unless there's a noticeable difference in the collar size. The damage is pretty minute, anyway. The coat itself looks brand new. The seller is nice and easy to deal with.
At those prices, my guess (since I cannot handle them) is that the bargain PS would be quite a bit lower in silk quality and the finishing would probably not be up to the standards of T&A. I'm assuming they're made in China from export-quality silk.Personally, I would rather have one splendid PS than ten cheap-looking ones.
Very . I picture you on a scooter wearing that.
^ Yeah. I think he was off on the sizing. Fit me more like a 42 or a 44. There was no size tag, so I can't be sure, though. The one I returned was made in the US, but I found another vintage BB coat that says "Made in England."
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