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You can't throw a stone in my neighborhood (LES/Alphabet City) without hitting some form of project/government housing.And they make it a middle door. Because the ends have no AC vents.
That looks more like a claret or a gamay than a burgundy.
Fake. Look at the embroidered tag. The shape of the G is all distorted and the ampersand is choppy.
^ Nothing in 10US as of Friday afternoon. Either that or I missed them because they weren't in the designated size 10 aisle.
^ No. If you look closely at the pic, there are runs in it that most likely would show since they're close to the center... If I could find one new or undamaged, I'd definitely snag.
Raglan sleeves are tough. I can tell you that I'm 6' 2" and the sleeves were plenty long on me... The shoulders/armholes were roomy, but I'd imagine they're probably a touch smaller than a 42.
I returned it to Virginia. There were a couple of tiny moth holes in the lining. Nothing glaring. I would guess that the collar should fit. Unless there's a noticeable difference in the collar size. The damage is pretty minute, anyway. The coat itself looks brand new. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brooks-Brothers-Alexander-Poplin-Khaki-Trench-Coat-Wool-Lining-M-40R-/171019215231?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item27d18a217f The seller is nice and easy to deal with.
At those prices, my guess (since I cannot handle them) is that the bargain PS would be quite a bit lower in silk quality and the finishing would probably not be up to the standards of T&A. I'm assuming they're made in China from export-quality silk.Personally, I would rather have one splendid PS than ten cheap-looking ones.
Very . I picture you on a scooter wearing that.
^ Yeah. I think he was off on the sizing. Fit me more like a 42 or a 44. There was no size tag, so I can't be sure, though. The one I returned was made in the US, but I found another vintage BB coat that says "Made in England."
New Posts  All Forums: