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Yes. You're right. I'm going to fix that!
I'm clearing out stuff that hasn't worked for me and these are next up. This is a pair of Tricker's chocolate brown suede chukkas that I've worn less than a dozen times. (I can't remember exactly how many times and I honestly think a dozen is too high.) Unfortunately, I scuffed the toe of one boot. I wear a 9.5 UK in most Tricker's lasts, but the chukkas seem to fit larger. This pair has tongue pads I applied to try and make them work. They can be taken off or left on. A...
I bought this great casual piece at a recent Isaia sample sale and didn't try it on since it's my usual size. It ended up being a little too tight for me, so I'm taking a hit to move it out and offering it here for a paltry SOLD. This puppy retails at $375. Dark green gingham in 100% super-soft cotton with a minimally lined button-down collar. The sleeves are convertible and can be anchored for hikes or the beach. All the whiz-bang details you expect from clothing in this...
I compared your pics to one of my own Hermés ties and I believe you may have snagged the elusive ebay deal.
^ On ebay, I bid on a vintage example of that exact design done in gold. I've also seen reverse-painted intaglio crystal cufflinks that are double-sided with different views of the dachshund on either side. I'm a dachshund owner and have a pair by Paul Smith. It's a copper dachshund with an old-school toggle back. I prefer double-sided links, but these were a gift.
I don't think that's a rope stripe. Rope stripes look like ropes. They have an obvious diagonal "pattern."
I snagged a black and a walnut and must've gotten in under the gun. Receipt arrived at the same price. Not that I wanted or needed them—but at that price, I couldn't resist.
^ Sorry, but it also looks fake. The logo is off center. And the jacquard weave on that logo silk is horrible. No detail. The first thing you have to look at is the company's branding. Also, when you see blurry pics on ebay it's often a hint that the seller is hiding something.
I'm not sure about this piece, but the printing looks pretty good.
The tag is off center and the embroidery and stitching looks cheap. It's probably fake.
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