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If we post 7 animated GIFs or memes, the Recent Images In This Thread thumbnail will go away. If ever a thread needed pix, it's now. This will reduce it to a secondary thumbnail.
Some members of my family used to own a fish distribution business and take-out shack near the coast in Massachusetts. When I was a kid, they'd have this big clam bake every summer. Holes would be dug in the sand and filled with a layer of sea weed. They'd top that seaweed with a thick layer of smoldering charcoals, top the coal with a bit more seaweed, then wooden crates of clams, fish, maybe some crabs, and lobster, then more seaweed and finally a tarp to cover the whole...
Thanks for your interest. It's hard for me to say. They're roomy on me and I got tongue pads because they were too long and my heels would slip. But my gut says that they might not work for an 11 US. Especially on the larger end. The actual measurement of my foot is 10.75" (heel to big toe) x 4.125" (widest area at the ball), if that helps...
Whenever I see debates like these I'm thankful that I'm a creative and can get away with eccentricity because it's expected.
I usually wear a 9 UK and wear a 9.5 UK in the Stow and Burford.
The typeface looks off as well—the letters seem condensed. The authentic box also has the horse and carriage lined up with brand name on either end.
A quick look at some random advertisements of the era makes it appear that a severely nipped waist was fashionable during Raft's time.
Some fresh Loakes just arrived at my office by way of Northern Ireland. I can't wait to wear them in the fall.
In your particular case, it may be advisable to block the odor at its source. You can wash undershirts regularly and keep several in your rotation.
The pics embedded in the post are from ebay. I hadn't noticed that the Ascot Shoes auction featured a pair in 10 1/2 UK. I bought them in 9 1/2 UK and tried to make them work. Updated pics with topies put on by B Nelson are in the carousel at the top of the listing. Thanks!
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