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I have the Winchelsea on the 100 and the Belgravia on the 184*EDIT - I checked my 184s from Stanley Korshak and they are on the D last. I picked up the Picadilly from Edwards in a 9.5/10 E width. I tried them on and they are definitely a bit too wide. Heel slippage without any break in..
I ordered a pair of EGs from Edwards on Tuesday and they arrived via DHL today. I was not charged custom fees.Not that I won't pay my taxes come April!
The shipping is lightning fast for the UK. I ordered my EGs on Tuesday and they arrived at my office today. DHL was the carrier and I paid no duties.
*edit (Finally went through after talking to the issuing bank.)
Yes, I do.
Sounds like this will be a great resource. Good luck!
Thanks for the tip! I've been getting them a block away at Nordstrom Rack and I think they're like $15 or $16 + tax.I frequently buy Falke or Panthrella OTC socks at Sierra Trading Post.
This motif is called "pine.",default,pd.html,default,pd.html
Didn't FUBU get off the ground with those open-ended stocking hats in the early '90s?
Some Marinella and Drakes ties over at Gilt:
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