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Edit: Will report back once issues are addressed (or not).
Size 9.5 UK, 5 fitting, Brand New Tricker's. Send me an offer via PM here! Two Tone Saddle Oxfords: Burford Boot:
Where are you shopping that they fold the suits and display them on shelves?
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Mousseline de soie is between organza and chiffon or voile. It has a crisper hand than your square presents. "Mousseline" is basically "muslin" in French, so that should give you an idea of the difference.
It's rare to see silk voile used for a pocket square. More often it's used for ladies garments and accessories—hankies, dresses, etc.
It would be great for a Laibach concert.
The only distilled water I know of is readily available in stores. It can be had as cheaply as 79¢/gal. Setting up your own distillation process could be daunting. Be every careful with steam and tailored clothing!
I doubt that PS will take the shoes back if you've worn them.While I don't know what the problem with fit is, it might take some breaking in. I also don't know of anything that can be sewn inside the shoe, but there is a product that can stick to your feet.
Thanks.Ah, I see about the custom fees. I thought they might hold the shoes hostage, so when they arrived DHL without a customs charge I was under the impression I'd lucked out.
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