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Valstar barn coats, etc at Sierra Trading Post down to ~$265 (+free shipping) with 35% off code: KJZ93000
The shetland sweater might feel more congruent with something on the casual side. That pair (in this pic) appear to be bordering on "orphaned suit trouser" territory.
It would depend on the rest of my clothing that day, but I'd steer clear of camel scarf/camel topcoat.
A good resource for NYers: I brought in a brand-new camelhair sweater (that moths got to before I even wore it) and a cashmere turtleneck and was thoroughly impressed with the work. The price of repair was much lower than replacing the garments. They're also training a young lady to take part in the next generation of reweavers.
Classic wedding ties are often checked—macclesfield, houndstooth, glen plaid, shepherd's check—and have a simple colorway. (For illustrative purposes—leave off the insignia!)
Alright. Here are some personal suggestions, but I have no idea what "cost efficiency" means to you or what areas you frequent. For a sports coat or a full suit, I would go to Sam Wazin at 57 West 57th Street. Excellent quality, definitely not the least expensive. For the trousers, I would probably go to Cardelino on 5th Ave near Madison Square Park since they need waist work. You have to be sure to check the work, though. I've had some minor issues, but they were eager...
A silver tie would look great with a white shirt and charcoal suit and works day or evening.
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