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Agreed. If Zee's can improve their insole finishing that I think it would be hard for us to get a good part of shoes in this price range.
Picked up the my shoes this afternoon and got master one last final touch on adding the soft pad. The finishing is so great and realized some guy has made an order after seeing my shoes.
Just checked Zee's fb and found my shoes picture. it was't exactly what I expected but I like it very much.
The shoes I am planning to get is copy from an Oxford by Armani. It is duo tone with Dainite soles and will be wearing for to work in regular bases.
Just visited Zee's tonite and going to have my 2nd customer made shoes by them (1st was my wedding shoes made by mayer in Central). Will post the picture of the shoes I plan to made here later tonite. Hope everything goes well.
Hi guys, I had my third fitting today at Lee Baron and there are still few more things they need to alter so I am going to have my forth fitting next week. Things need to alter include: 1) the front colin is not smooth so the master said he will take a bit more in for me. 2) the trousers is still too short and they have to length 1 inch on each side. Thank god I am not in a hurry or I will be pretty upset for the quality this time. I am sure I will try Gordon or go back to...
Got my second fitting last week. Overall they made reasonable suit but there are few pros and cons I realized: 1) The fitting of trouser is great but a bit short but they promiss to fix it. 2) The jacket is great but as mentioned by members here they made it a bit too tight so the front wasn't look good. 3) The jacket is too short (from my veiw point) but still acceptable. May be I will ask them to length it a little longer in my final fitting later this week. 4) I asked...
I heard that for sport coat is aroound HKD 3~4000 based on the fabric u choice. For Over coat, I think it should charge more than 5000 for sure. I have finished 1st fitting last week and will have the second fitting next week. I picked a royal blue fabric which cost HKD 5000 for full canvassed 2 button suit. Will try to take some pictures in my 2 second fitting and share with u guys.
Yes. And if you don't have someone to take you there, it is really note recommended since it is like a maze inside.
I have used tailor in SZ before and my advice is don't go. However, since you have budget constrain, I think SZ is not a bad choice but rememebr to avoid those tailor inside the SZ train station building.
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