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Great proxy service from Richard. Parcels were sent to to the other side of the world and arrived in a couple of weeks. Solid communication, totally recommended.
I can't decide if I like the bulky fleece jacket or not lol
Hey SF Planning a large order from uniqlo USA (like 12+ items) and was wondering who's the best international proxy for that? I've checked out the sutocorp and Buying Service USA websites but can't really find any reviews on them.
@ Tico are those S001 uniqlos?
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese geller whole foods will tremble in fear Those shoes are sick, info on them pls?
Does anyone know what boots those are that lel is wearing in that latest pic?
Hey, just a question from a newbie here. I'm wondering if you can still get nice fade and comb/whisker pattern on one-wash jeans. My reason for asking is I'm looking at getting Eternal 883s that have one-wash, but I still want to get some hardcore fade and patterning. Thanks
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