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It's a tough call especially with mixed feedback. It does seem to look better in a picture than in person - in person it just FEELS overbearing. It's really too bad since I quite love the painting. It's raised up along the surface, as much as an inch along the trunk in areas. Maybe with that tiger rug it'll even it out a bit.
It's definitely growing on me the longer I let it sit there - initially it was like "whoa". My math was stupid - it's more like 400 sq ft, but still a small room with the furniture in there. Thanks
It's my living room, about 200-250 sq ft. Opposite side of the room - Love the painting... (not hung yet obviously), but feel as though it may dominate the room way too much? Thanks These are the older American made version. As far as I know, they no longer make them in America. Size 12.
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow I just saw that exhibit behind you yesterday
Need a VERY quick answer on this one -- leaving my hotel in about an hour. I'm staying in NYC in timesquare, looking for good places to shoe/boot shop, preferably somewhere with Frye. My google search pointed me to mind boggler around/in greenwich, so I plan on trying that out. Any recommendations? Closer the better. I'm at the mariott courtyard on w 40th st. First time in NYC, so if not now I'll make note for next time. Thanks!
Hm, the seven for all mankind doesn't seem to be on sale unless there's a promo code I'm missing.
Didn't realize there were new posts here :O Someone mentioned the difficulty of maintaining in the picture thread. Maintenance is definitely hard-- I think that 6 month thing is true. Thankfully I've maintained, but it was difficult. About coffee-- as another poster said, it's up to you. It's definitely not needed and can be addicting, but if you can handle it and use it properly, it can be a big help. Coffee alone has zero calories, it's the sugar and cream that...
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Nancys here in Chicago. I fucking love Nancy's. Chicago pizza is the best.
I got this 'self-shine' shoe cream at payless. I didn't realize it was self-shining, is it just as good as the basic shoe cream where you buff yourself, or is this stuff a dud?
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