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I'm personally a big fan of ExOfficio Boxer Briefs.
Thanks for this thread; as a new poster (obviously), and someone who would classify most of his outfits as belonging in this thread, I'm glad there's a more appropriate place for me to post, once I finally grow some stones and get an outfit together that's worth posting
I just received the item that I purchased from sugarbutch: the item appeared exactly as described, and it arrived promptly. Thanks so much for making my first transaction here painless; I'm sure this will turn out to be the first of many purchases here!
Quote: Originally Posted by tullytra ...The dive which drew the red card disappointed me greatly. Was the card worth giving up a break-away opportunity? For me, it isn't nearly. I remain unconvinced that it was a dive, if for no other reason than that the Jamaican player who committed the foul did not protest at all. If Jones had really taken a dive, wouldn't the Jamaican player who committed the foul have been protesting up and down the...
Good job to the USMNT yesterday; IMHO they looked much better against Jamaica than they have all tournament. There was a good write-up of the game on Zonal Marking also.
Seattle Sounders FC (MLS) supporter here. As I don't have a local team (the closest MLS team is roughly 1000 miles away), the Sounders were the team that I found myself following for several reasons: I liked that they were the only MLS team with a marching band, the Sound Wave; I also appreciated that the Sounders FC Alliance, a fan organization, actually has a say in certain decisions that affect the club. Here's their crest: As far as an interesting fact: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim This was the first one that I've seen in my place in a couple years. And since when can cockroaches fly? Scared the crap out of me. Just reminded me of a scary memory as a kid; opened the bathroom door and a cockroach flew out at me :x Freaked me out at the time too.
Ectomorphs are skinny folks who can have trouble gaining weight, whereas endomorphs tend to be larger, carry some excess weight, and have more trouble losing it. Mesomorphs, on the other hand, tend to build up muscle quickly, and compose the majority of the people you see working out in those fitness infomercials.
Thanks for another excellent episode, and for the wonderful blog!
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