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Agreed. Should worry about getting the most out of your workout instead of what shirt to wear while there.
I don't see anything wrong going without the jacket sometimes. Is it that bad to wear a tie without jacket?
Hello SF's, New to the forum and thought I'd share some quick photos I took with my phone. I've been looking for a decently priced pair of dark brown chukkas, and purchased these Loake Pimlico's from Was a bit hesitant cause I've never ordered online outside the US & Canada, however, service was great and shipping was incredibly fast(received these 3 days from ordering). Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and have to thank this forum for...
Great suit!
I love New Balance sneakers
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse +1 With your build, you'll never find an OTR shirt that fits perfectly. Either find something that fits well in the chest and shoulders and get the waist tailored or go MTM. Very true. I usually look for shirts to fit slim around the shoulders and arms, then get them darted in the back.
I'm 5'9" 160lbs, 15 1/2-neck, 41inch-chest, 28inch-waist, athletic build. Tried the BB ESF and overall its a decent fit around the shoulders with sleeves not being overly baggy. However, would still need to get the shirt darted to take the waist in. I personally wouldn't pay full price but definitely worth considering if your able to find a particular shirt you like on clearance.
I personally only take casein at night right before bed. It's a slow digesting protein and should better help sustain your body while sleeping through the night. Other than that I personally would night take it is not the most enjoyable shake to drink.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott anderson Why buy an ill-fitting blazer just because it is on sale? Why not get one of mine for an extra $23(after you pay their shipping) that will fit you nicely right out of the box and that you'll have for years to come? And by the way, try to get Joseph A. Banks to answer your questions or get Mr. Banks personally on the phone. I hear he hangs out with Betty Crocker and the Jolly Green Giant if you catch my...
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