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Snap a pic. I am considering a setup like this, but curious how it looks all stacked up and how much room is taken up.
Just browsing, anyone with experience with the "cedar pant hanger" - I have never used this style of hanger and am looking to quit using drycleaner hangers. As for dress shirt hangers, I assume these work fine - Anyone have any experience otherwise?
Apologies - Dawhyde (got autocorrected). See here -
What laces come with Strands and 5 Aves? I ask bc they are all $.50 online and I may throw in a couple with an upcoming order. I assume rawhide waxed, but want to confirm before I make this significant investment...
9 days in Carmel, California - Wine, golf (3 rounds, walking), family (14 of us), cooked great Thanksgiving dinner, ate several other great meals, ran against older brother on the beach most mornings. Flights all went perfect and 2.5 year old + 7 month preggo wife slept most of the way. Now on detox, lite eating, and working back from my office (as opposed to out of pocket and/or in bed with laptop).
Perhaps a light blue solid shirt would help pull the blue out of the suit. Sounds like it being black bothers you and during interviews, the mind wonders. Light blue shirt can work with nearly all ties recommended.
Free lesson yesterday afternoon from our head pro. Learned a lot. 2.5 year old daughter received a flu shot this morning and took it like a f'ing champ.
I am done with out of town weddings for the year (5 of last 7 weekends). My next travel will be with family to Pebble Beach for the last half of November. I was also able to convince my wife to get up early to drive home 3.5 hours so I could play golf, it's 70 and no wind.
I recently purchased Black Calf Park Avenues and Walnut Calf Strands. Any pointers on new shoe care and prep for regular wear? Additionally, any recommendations on shoe trees? I see AE sells shoes trees and I assume they are a good choice, but I am open to opinions.
I assume you paid with a credit card. Leave the tuxedo jacket there, purchase the new one, and dispute the original charge with the credit card company in the amount of the new tuxedo jackets (to clarify, spent $3,000 originally, purchased new tuxedo jacket for $2,200, dispute the $3,000 charge with the credit card company saying you would like to pay $800). I would obviously inquire with your credit card company on the front end to make sure they will work with you, but...
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