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1/7 - 2.51/8 - 2.51/10- 2.01/12 - 4.0325.2 + 11.0 = 336.2
^this +1000
Anyone mind posting some pics of their lapel pins - Good on the tie front right now, but intrigued by the pins.
Don't forget that in the USA, FICA (7.65%) doe not apply to wages over $110k (not exact figure, but really close). So, if you can make $120k, the $10k above $110k will not be subject to FICA. But, as others have pointed out, the source of income becomes really important to truly lowering your tax rate - As opposed to earning less. *Subject to change, awaiting final fiscal cliff regulations...
I just wait for Jos A Bank to do their either 70% off or Buy 1 get 2 free - Then I load up on shoe trees so that I have a few extra around for new purchases when they come in. Also their hangers (again, woodlore w/ Jos A Bank label), both shirt and contoured coat are included in this promotion, I am slowly converting away from crappy plastic hangers to nice cedar hangers. I have ordered 2 batches, 20 hangers at a time (for the shirt hangers) and my closet smells great.
I use multiple start menus primarily to track other open windows. I use Excel and have it running to open in multiple instances (IE, open A.xlxs and Excel opens, then open B.xlxs and another instance of Excel opens) - this comes from a former career of mine (CPA, Auditor) and our software interface. At times, I may be working in and out of 10 excel documents at the sames time. If I use the side start menus, I can see each document that is open and either click through...
208.63 + 2 = 210.63 Was part of a cycling, rowing, step-mill circuit - I will do better...
For those using multi monitors, what is your program of choice for emulating the start menu and more importantly, the tool bar With the open programs hang out? I have found that actual multiple monitors (that's the name of the program) works really great. I also orientate my start menu(s) on the sides of the screen, as opposed to the s bottom - left monitor is the main, has a start menu on the far left, right monitor is the secondary, has a start menu on the far...
I have always had good meals at SW. Outside overlooking the lake is always nice, weather permitting. Prices are high, even relative to LV. The seafood tower is great. We spend most of our time at City Center now (particularly the Aria and Cosmopolitan). I have not had most of the newer Wynn spots, but younger brother, who lives in LV,always speaks highly of the Wynn restaurants, especially those specializing in Asian cuisines.
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