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AE conditioner/cleaner vs leather lotion vs shoes cream... Looking to pick some up, but not sure which one I need. I use Saphir Renovateur about every 5-6 wears, sparingly, and then buffed with AE wax polish. With the sale, looking to save a little and stock up - What is the replacement? Have Walnut, Bourbon and Black AE's which should be helpful.
I graduated from masters program in 2006 - It was accounting and not an MBA, but I believe the overall experience will be similar. I do not know how prevalent tablets are in the class room these days - I suspect quite. So, that would be my first recommendation, assuming your friend does not already own one. As for a printer, I do not see much value in a color-laser, as color printing (at least for me) was very rare - I did print a lot in black and white for lecture...
Lafitte's Blaksmith Shop - Purple Drank (+ people watching, more PD).
No 2xA - He does not change in the stall, he changes near the lockers, per usual.B - No I do not want to talk to him while he is sitting and pissing
I just know that this topic has been discussed, but I want to discuss it again. I go to the gym regularly on the weekdays - My schedule changes, but at least 3 days of the week and the randomly on the weekend depending on weather (golf). I have had this since high school, before physical activity, I need to take a dump - Gym, golf, yard work, etc... I gotta do it. So, gym that I use is small, its at the country club to which I belong, so not a mega gym. I am on a very...
This thread is the best. I one day plan to print it off on nice paper, bind it with a hard cover, and locate it in my bathroom.I hope when the forum is backed-up, this thread has its own set of special procedures developed with the assistance of the greatest computer minds in the world - I imagine a multiple servers -located at the Pentagon, Fort Knox, the Vatican Archives, International Space Station and NORAD, each with their own set of multiple back-ups. This is how...
@cbtaylor - neumora's look really nice, so do the pants... How do you find the neumoras fits relative to your other AE's?
New baby girl, our second girl. Arrived at hospital, 1 hour later baby out. Happy, healthy, eating now. Wife went natural birth like a fucking champ!!
1/14 - 2.0 1/15 - 2.0 1/16 - 2.0 424.92 + 6.0 = 430.92
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