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The drama!!
That's a shame. The staff there have helped me & my RMs in many ways over the past 5 or so years (since my 1st pair). My wife and I had visit only a few months ago while we were Christmas shopping. We were thinking about ordering her a pair of boots. We looked over leather swatches, found her size, wrote down some numbers... just a shame to lose the NYC brick and mortar presence.
kangaroo leather creases a lot. It's great though as long as you embrace the creasing. I had a pair of RMs in chestnut kangaroo that developed maybe my favorite patina amongst veal and yearling.
Nungar in my experience has a history of spotty communication at best, but trustworthy nonetheless.
FYI this thing is holding up really well. I'm actually having a hard time making it look "used". I think it will be a looooooong while before this case needs to be retired. Still thumbs up.
Right, I didn't even think to mention which color to use for the sole. I like the way it turned out though. If I ordered the slightly lighter than chestnut, dark tan, I probably would like the bone colored sole. And oh well, I should have, could have, would have... camel leather next time. Another tidbit: I was told a couple months back that there would be delays in ordering anything MTO in calf because RM was amidst finding a new supplier for calf leather. I asked why...
Oh god, 2, posts, I'm being trolled aren't I. At least I feel warm and fuzzy for trying to help.
This probably doesn't help at all but here goes: I'm of the opinion that 16 is just a sh*tty age when it comes to certain things. Having size 4 feet would be one of those things. I believe all you really need to do would be to tell your self "f*ck normal sized feet. I'm rockin' my size 4's" If you haven't already, I suggest you watch one of my all time favorites, The Big Lebowski, and channel your energy to a happy medium between the Dude and Walter, both sufficiently not...
So I'll drone on about my own post:I'm still in the novelty phase of owning my new boots and I noticed a few differences from the "standard" vesta leather vs the yearling I chose. I'll borrow a couple photos from earlier in this thread (thanks to & courtesy of kerodean )The first thing I noticed when I got the yearling version is my boots are lined, while the vesta leather appears much thicker and is not lined, leaving a nice nappy finish to the inside of the boot. The...
I bet they would. Just have to find the right RM dealer. I always rotate between Stable Door, Nungar, Aussie Bush Hats, etc. because they all tell me different customizations can be done to different RM boots. These Riggers, as a case in point, could not be done in Yearling via one of the dealers yet here they are on my feet. Same situation in the past with a tan Calf Leather Macquarie with a screwed Chestnut colored sole. Just had to find the right dealer.
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