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Only Willy Loman-ish schmucks wear collar stays.
ugh. ninny-with-a-beard is not how i want to think of Drake's.
Rape is far more common in the US than in any Muslim country.
So true. And I've got a shit-stained pair of boxers framed on my wall to remind me of a particularly memorable weekend in Tijuana.
I'd sign but A) I'm not on Facebook, and B) I think a small business grant should probably go to a small business instead of a fansite for shoes.
good god
Yes, the purpose of unions is for the union members to make more money at the expense of our employers, as it's our employers who pay us.I'm in a union. The president of the company I work for was paid $73 million dollars last year. I'm pretty sure that after I've finished "lining my pockets" he'll still have some left.
try this site, it's excellent: http://www.todopintxos.com/ they have some maps of suggested pinxtos tours (pinxtos is basque for tapas). There's a place called Txepexta that's pretty awesome. You'll mostly want to drink the fizzy white wine that's the local specialty, but if you feel like cocktails there's an awesome tiny pinxtos place in the Gros neighborhood, Garbola Bar, where the bartender fancies himself a cocktail specialist and makes elaborate mojitos, etc. with...
Yeah, see a podiatrist. This is what they do. They find shoes for people who have problem feet. A per Vox's suggestion of that molded shoe company, what podiatrists often do is take a full-foot mold of someone's foot and send it off to have a shoe custom made. No, they probably don't send it to Vass, but then I doubt Vass would take your health insurance, either.
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