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Based on my AW14 FJ in 48 EU short: Shoulder to cuff: 26" BoC: 28.5"
I picked the unpopular brown puppytooth. Also sized down from my IT48 short aw14 field coat to a 46 short since I won't layer as much.
Didn't take it that way. I'm sure Greg will save the day.
I don't have the Valstar coats and I missed both Eidos field coats. Now hoping for MTO.
Has anyone handwashed their cotton Rotas? Any shrinkage? Haven't decided whether to hand wash or dry clean mine.
It didn't occur to me that magnetic tabs might be a problem until I was putting on the gloves today. Later I noticed that my watch was off roughly by the amount of time I wore the gloves. Will be more careful in the future.
Not quite sure, but the magnetic tab on these Dents gloves seems to stop my automatic watch. Has anyone else run into this problem?
If I wear 39 in lace-up Butteros (I'm 8US but have low volume feet), would the slip-ons in 39 be too loose on me?
I pay my tithe to NMWA every month, sometimes more than once a month, but I doubt I'm anywhere near the top spenders.
Works for me. Does this mean more sport/casual shirts from Inglese? (I guess that's my real question.)
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