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Thereabouts. The sleeves of last year's rollneck were a bit short for me in small, but I have broader-than-normal shoulders for a 38.
Greg, would it help if we all stopped kopping for a few days so you and Kyle can put up all the goodies?
It can't be warmer than the Merino. I think bull wool sweaters are meant to make men out of us office boys.
I don't know how anyone can stop kopping when he knows that sweater is coming.
I was hoping for street shots of well-dressed bums, actually.
What happens to the cut merchandise?
Do Eidos' overcoats feel the same way (soft and unstructured)?
The copy on the pink oxford Inglese is wrong (at least the bit about having blue stripes).
Will the lightweight navy trench coat be restocked, or should I just get the medium weight one? (The medium weight seems to hang better.)
Just realized something obvious: when wearing an Eidos DB coat buttoned up with a scarf, nobody can tell I'm not wearing a suit or SC underneath. I may still kop one...after the Donegal.
New Posts  All Forums: