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Sorry if this question has been asked already, but is the navy Doyle a dark navy, like the product pics suggest, or is it a greyish blue, like some of the outdoor pics show?
Was there just one pattern for the winter Rotas? From the measurements, it seemed the wool ones had a more relaxed fit. (I only have one pair in cotton.)
You may have a shorter-than-average neck, so mock necks work best for you. I prefer full turtlenecks because they reach just below my jaw line (without hugging). Mock necks are too short on me.Still, I wouldn't want a linen turtleneck.
The SF discount code doesn't work for the MTO. Is that correct? EDIT: Received confirmation that MTO pieces are not discounted.
Just my two cents: I sized up in linen because I'm somewhat between sizes, and IM in linen have a closer fit. If you are not between a medium and a large then you can probably wear linen in medium.
I was hoping for at least one pocket. Always hate having to put my phone in a trouser pocket when I'm not carrying a bag.Not gonna stop me from getting one in 230, though.
For the pub jacket, do these measurements from Inis Meain apply to the MTO model? What about sizing for the full-zip cardigan?
A picture of the pub jacket in Cloch, please.
Is Balla a light or medium grey?
Yes, the grey birdseye currently carried by NMWA is heavier than the grey linen donegal, for example.
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