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Thanks, Greg. Don't see the notifications in my spam folder now or in the past. Which NMWA e-mail address should I add to my contacts list? I always receive the newsletters without problems.
I've signed up more than once but I've never, ever received the bat signal.
I think Greg has yet to receive the SS15 fabric book, but I think he's said in the past that many different fabrics can be used to make the field jacket.
That's not fair to people who would have spent more had there been more ponies to wrangle. My score this season so far is five pairs of socks and one sweater.
Yes, it's time.
Size 48 was gone before I reached the site. Managed to put 46 in my basket but it was gone before I could check out.
As expected, I missed out on the brown linen Eidos field jacket in both size 46 and 48. How heavy is the linen fabric on the Geller officer coat?
Thank you. If I fail to snag a piece in the initial drop, is there enough brown linen left for MTO?
Thanks. No worries, even if I don't go for that coat I'm sure it'll sell out in five minutes.
The picture from Eidos looks a tad darker to me. I like that shade better. Heck, maybe I'll just go straight for the Geller coat. I have little hope of snagging that field coat anyways--too slow on the draw.
New Posts  All Forums: