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Now I'm wondering whether I--or indeed anyone--need three field coats (FW14 Eidos, SS15 Valstar, and SS15 Eidos). I'm just glad the regulars on this thread aren't a 48 in Valstar like me--I think.
Is that Eidos? Are you getting the field coat in brown as well?
How long will the ties be? I'm 5'6" and any tie over 57" goes past my belt buckle. I don't like tucking the tail into mt shirt.
What's the shoulder width? (I'm a 38 with oversized shoulders.) EDIT: Never mind. I can see it's just wide enough by the way it hangs on the NMWA hanger.
So...do you have pics and stories of good stuff that didn't find their way into NMWA's invenory? Sometimes I wonder what we don't get to see.
The jade Merino has 14% nylon. No sheen whatsoever.
No, I'm calling myself skinny. I had trouble wearing my Merino closed until I learned to smooth the liner inside. Don't know if that will work for you.
Being a rebel and wearing my Merino closed today because it's -22 C. People would stare if I wore it open. That said, it's a very warm coat when closed due to the thick liner. It looks fine if one has a skinny body.
Just curious: Why are fabrics with poly or nylon more expensive than all-wool (incl. wool + cashmere) and all-cotton (moleskin)?
It's this one, right?
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