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Think this one might go nicely with the green coat.
Yes, thank you, Greg. I'm thinking of getting a Schneider scarf to go with my green wave.
Stupid questions time. 1) Does Schneider tend to fit narrow? Just read in the SS thread that the Botanical shirt in size 5 is 17.5" across the shoulders, but I'm a size 4 who needs 18". (I took the "Night" shirt jacket in size 5 so I could wear something underneath. That one had raglan sleeves.) I may have to pass on Botanical. 2) Why are most of the interesting knits chunky? Are there interesting light knits we can expect? (Boiled cashmere counts.) 3) Speaking of...
Many of us already have a monster knit or three in our closets. For me, this means having to come up with a good excuse to add to the population. (Boiled cashmere is a good one--keep'em coming.) I know there's always the B&S forum, but I'm not ready to part with my knits, and some of us never will. I just need to spot one item that I must have, then I'll probably snag a couple of could-haves at the same time. So, please keep the drops coming fast and heavy. Looking...
Thank you! I was only checking New Arrivals.
It's not nice to tease us with knits then drop bags on us. (Nice backpacks, though.)
Haven't kopped mine yet, but I'm thinking of pairing it with winter-weight Rotas and boots. You can dress it up or down.
35" would almost reach my knees. (I think.) I'll stick with Botanical for now. Thanks again!
Thanks! Would I also take size 4 in the Seeds long shirt? Is it as long as a dress shirt or longer? The picture makes me think it fits looser than the Botanical, but it doesn't look particularly long.
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