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On second thought...I'd like to show a tentative hand for size 38/48. I really like the look of the hemp fabric and I'm sure I can rationalize the addition of this jacket into my wardrobe.My AW14 Eidos MTO field jacket is my favourite piece of outerwear right now as the temperatures rise to between -10 C and 0. Soon it will be the right weather for that hemp coat.
Thanks! I'm hoping to score the brown linen one. Was hoping to get the Valstar safari shacket.
They were sized a bit smaller last year as well, and I think I took them in medium instead of my usual small.
Got my Schneider green pony! Greg and Kyle must be working overtime.
Ah, OK. Greg and Kyle, there's no hurry on shipping my five pairs of socks. Also, screw the measurements. We did just fine last season without them. With them, people still asked a bunch of questions on those GRP polos. You just can't win.
The Formosa trunk show must be going gangbusters for there to be no drops two days in a row.
When will Schneider drop?
Three questions for Greg and Kyle: 1) GRP linen polos: I'm consistently a 3 in GRP, but the measurements for the linen polos in size 3 are small overall (exactly 38" in chest and small shoulders). a. Should I size up? b. Will there be shrinkage even if washed cold and air-dried? (It looks like I must size up if there will be shrinkage.) 2) Eidos cotton canvas dress chinos: how wide are the hems for size 32?
Has the Eidos brown linen field jacket gone up, or did I miss it completely? I just see the navy hemp version.
Oh, I know. My AW14 field coat was an MTO. Just thinking that there will be again enough people too slow on the trigger to warrant a special ordering page for the SS15 field coat.
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