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I pay my tithe to NMWA every month, sometimes more than once a month, but I doubt I'm anywhere near the top spenders.
Works for me. Does this mean more sport/casual shirts from Inglese? (I guess that's my real question.)
Will any of them be a shirtmaker that can replace Mazzarelli?
Camoshita's sizing works for me...I think. Shoulders are bigger this season. Tempted by the navy sportcoat.
Going back to AW14 for a bit, does anyone find the cuffs on this Eidos coat a bit tight? I have slender wrists, yet I think the sleeves taper a bit too much. It's almost as if the intent is to have working sleeve buttons, and the buttons must be partly or fully undone for comfort or sprezz. What do the other owners think? I didn't need the sleeves shortened so I just had the buttons sewn on. Now I think I should have working button holes.
Whoever took the Valstar linen safari jacket in 46, my wallet thanks you.
Try folding back the cuffs. The sleeves on my fall/winter version are a touch long as well, but just fine with gloves on. When I take off my gloves then I turn back the cuffs as well.
I can't seem to sign up for restock notifications when something is sold out. (Decided to give notification another try.)
That's strange. I've never had trouble receiving order confirmations or shipping notifications. I just don't ever see restock notifications in my main or spam folders. Doesn't matter. I'll just check more often.
I'm a little worried that Greg can look up my NMWA account so quickly. Does that mean I shop too much?
New Posts  All Forums: