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Many of us already have a monster knit or three in our closets. For me, this means having to come up with a good excuse to add to the population. (Boiled cashmere is a good one--keep'em coming.) I know there's always the B&S forum, but I'm not ready to part with my knits, and some of us never will. I just need to spot one item that I must have, then I'll probably snag a couple of could-haves at the same time. So, please keep the drops coming fast and heavy. Looking...
Thank you! I was only checking New Arrivals.
It's not nice to tease us with knits then drop bags on us. (Nice backpacks, though.)
Haven't kopped mine yet, but I'm thinking of pairing it with winter-weight Rotas and boots. You can dress it up or down.
35" would almost reach my knees. (I think.) I'll stick with Botanical for now. Thanks again!
Thanks! Would I also take size 4 in the Seeds long shirt? Is it as long as a dress shirt or longer? The picture makes me think it fits looser than the Botanical, but it doesn't look particularly long.
Can Schneider's Botanical wool shirt be hand washed? Also, if I wore 15/38 in Inglese with 18" shoulders, what size should I take in SS Botanical? (I'm guessing size 4, but I'm not sure the shoulders would fit.)
Small might be tight. I'm your size except I'm 135 lbs with a 30" waist. I have KW polos in medium and they fit close.
Thank you, razl. Snagged it earlier today.
Here are five items I didn't quite sleep on, but others may have. 1) Oliver Spencer's Burgundy Lambeth wool bomber This was one of the first things I ordered from NMWA. I recall asking Greg whether he carried it because I saw it elsewhere online. It's sporty yet dressy. The first day I wore it, somebody asked whether I just came from church. Great for cool fall or spring weather--or winter if you live in warm climes. Only one size is left but there shouldn't be...
New Posts  All Forums: