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Ah, OK. Greg and Kyle, there's no hurry on shipping my five pairs of socks. Also, screw the measurements. We did just fine last season without them. With them, people still asked a bunch of questions on those GRP polos. You just can't win.
The Formosa trunk show must be going gangbusters for there to be no drops two days in a row.
When will Schneider drop?
Three questions for Greg and Kyle: 1) GRP linen polos: I'm consistently a 3 in GRP, but the measurements for the linen polos in size 3 are small overall (exactly 38" in chest and small shoulders). a. Should I size up? b. Will there be shrinkage even if washed cold and air-dried? (It looks like I must size up if there will be shrinkage.) 2) Eidos cotton canvas dress chinos: how wide are the hems for size 32?
Has the Eidos brown linen field jacket gone up, or did I miss it completely? I just see the navy hemp version.
Oh, I know. My AW14 field coat was an MTO. Just thinking that there will be again enough people too slow on the trigger to warrant a special ordering page for the SS15 field coat.
Might as well ask this now: Are the fabrics for Eidos's field coats still available for MTO (the navy hemp blend and the brown linen)? What other fabrics are available? I have a feeling that I will be too slow again on the trigger next week.
I think they are somewhat stretchy because the shoulder measurements are small. I hesitated because I wasn't sure the shoulders would stretch two inches. You can see the one of the hanger's ends poking out quite a bit in one of the shots.
I'm waiting for the Schneider green pony coming next week.
I may end up with just socks today.
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