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Doesn't mean I'll stay away from Valstar.
Is this Schneider? What size did you use for your photo shoot? I've learned that the NMWA hanger is very close to my shoulder width. The size that hangs best off your hanger is likely the right size for me.
Thanks! Sounds like it's good until -10 C or something. I'm actually looking for a warmer coat to gift my brother, but that doesn't mean he can't use a light winter coat.How much time do I have to decide before EXTRA15 stops working?
How warm is the Monitaly field coat? Should one go TTS or size up?
People react differently to cold. I can wear an unlined 500g wool coat with a sweater or jacket down to -20 C. That said, I'm happy you are giving Eidos coats heavy lining for AW15. I could always use a stylish coat for those days below -20.Will NMWA carry the improved Ulster coat? I missed this year's.
Trying to decide on a field coat before they drop. Am pretty much set on kopping the Eidos brown coat because I don't have a light coat in that colour, but the blue ones are calling to me. Decisions, decisions... Valstar 100% linen blue field shacket: Eidos heavy brown linen field coat: Eidos coarse blue hopsack hemp field coat:
Just so I have an idea of my upcoming wallet damage: will both Eidos and Valstar drop in March? I think I will be getting at least one field coat from each.
Eidos outerwear seems to have disappeared from the site. Glad I grabbed the SB donegal coat over the weekend.
Does this mean SF members will soon be able to order some of the Japanese shoes discussed here?
I'm a 38/48 S. I've never tried on an Eidos suit or SC, but I do have the field coat in that size and based on that fit, I think a SC should fit me just fine. I still haven't decided on MTO yet, though.
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