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Thank you for the tips on handling indigo, guys. I just want to stop the heavy bleeding. Will hanging the coat out in the sun be enough? (It's certainly the easiest.)
Would like to know how to stop the bleeding on my sashiko jacket as well. Luxire recommends that I wash it a couple of times, which I haven't yet tried, but if that didn't work for Rincon then I'd like to hear some alternatives. I have about a month to figure this out before the weather cools down enough for me to wear it.
Thanks for fixing my problem, Kyle! Wallet damage is done.
New sales code not working for me.
That's generous of you, Greg. E-mail sent.
Received both my MTO orders today. They came out great except... Why are the buttons white on the brown puppytooth Eidos FJ? Wouldn't beige or tan work better? They look HUGE on the coat. Seriously thinking about changing them after this season. (I start wearing the jacket tomorrow.)
Weren't there some heavy Rota trousers in cotton twill back in late '13? Thought they were 16+ oz. in weight. I have the dark brown ones and they're fairly heavy. Maybe I'm just misremembering.
I'll probably clean it rarely. I was thinking if I washed or dry cleaned it once it'll stop the colour from rubbing off.
This is probably heresy, but how can I keep my sashiko jacket looking dark and brilliant? I love the jacket's colour, which is darker than pics suggest, and it has a mild sheen. Right now, just handling the coat turns my fingers blue. Is there a way to prevent the colour from rubbing off and keep it from bleeding in the wash? Cold wash with salt or baking soda? Dry cleaning?
I'm interested in the colourful stuff in SS16. Is there more info on them? Will there be pre-orders? Post-Imperial: Stephan Schnieder: Note: pics snitched from Instagram.
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