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Thanks. No worries, even if I don't go for that coat I'm sure it'll sell out in five minutes.
The picture from Eidos looks a tad darker to me. I like that shade better. Heck, maybe I'll just go straight for the Geller coat. I have little hope of snagging that field coat anyways--too slow on the draw.
Which one is closer to real life?
I think so...it looked darker in Eidos' lookbook.
Thanks! That can be my backup if I failed to score Eidos' brown linen field coat this week.
Is this Ollie or Ts(s)?
Thank you. I was hoping to get replies that would convince me that I was wrong not to pick up those beauties. I'm still not decided, but I'm closer to pulling the trigger. But right now I'm going to take a gander at the new beauties that just went online.
I think it's because I'm used to cold and how I layer. I already wear a shirt and a light sweater plus scarf when it's below 0C, so I'd just overheat on top with 24 oz wool when it's not cold enough. I don't pull out my NMWA LBM navy coat until -10.I think I dress fairly heavy for a Canadian, actually.
Why I can't commit to the five sleeping beauties I've been eyeing. 1) Macintosh Grey birdcage Dalkeith raincoat I've been looking at this coat since NMWA opened, and for some reason it still isn't sold out. (Only available in 36.) I think Macs are too skinny. I would have to size up one just to fit, up 2 if I wanted to wear more than a shirt underneath, at which point the chest would be too large for me (a 42 for size 38). 2) Gray Gordon Too homely in a good way. It...
I'm of the opinion that any piece NMWA carries is still a good deal under a bad exchange rate. I'm just glad their stock suits and sport coats don't fit me.
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