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But you went charcoal on the Merino...
Are there new Inglese and Mazzies dropping this season? How about some awesome gloves to go with the monster overcoats? (I received my Merino coat--Godzilla edition--yesterday. The shoulders were a bit narrow as expected, but I don't feel constrained due to the roominess of the cut. The sleeves need to be shortened, though.)
The break-in of my white Butteros was painless, but now they're a bit loose due to stretching. To get a better fit, I went down a size for my tan pair. I guess I may experience some pain with those.
I was just going by the measurements in that closed B&S listing. If this reissue came to pass, I'd ask for measurements first before placing an order. (Now I'm a little worried about my Frozen Waves Merino coat, which should arrive this week.)
Great looking moleskin, but 17" across the shoulders for size IV?! That's narrow. I'd have to go up to size VI then the fit would be all wrong....
How does this field coat look from the front? It looks a tad stiff and boxy on Bloomingdale's site.(I think it's the same coat in a different colour.)
According to this and this, it's Brunello Cucinelli.
Try asking NickPollica over in the Eidos thread. Perhaps sizes go down to 44 but NMWA doesn't carry it.
They start at 46. If those measurements don't work then perhaps MTO?
Cool! What other colourways does it come in?
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