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Thinking of overcoats that I can't fit a suit under....Is NMWA carrying LBM this season?
Measurements for the blue donegal Eidos overcoat in US38/EU48, please. (This one's so quiet, I almost didn't take a closer look.) It's hard for me to find a dress coat that I can fit a suit or sport coat under due to my small frame with medium-sized shoulders. I think this overcoat will work based on measurements for Eidos' suits, but I'd like to confirm. Thank you! (Added to wish list for now.) P.S. Do Eidos suits and sport coats come in short? Their numbers...
Are there more knits and outwear dropping soon? It's going to be 5 Celsius tonight and the highs next week won't reach 20. Fall is here.
Some new Oliver Spencer pants are also up.
Do you mean these?
The size dropdown is not working for GRP's grey herringbone A1.
Thank you! Can these cardigans be hung or should they be folded like other knits?
Probably not according to the old post below.
My left Buttero wheezes and squeaks. Not sure whether to add an insole or use leather conditioner. (My left foot's smaller. The right Buttero's just fine.)
Speaking of variety in knit- and outerwear, will Valstar, GRP, and Eidos go up soon?
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