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I'm wearing my grey one today. Sorry, no pics, but I'll measure it when I get home. It fits much slimmer than S&C cardigans.
What's the difference in fabric between the green and the yellow? Which one did NMWA order?EDIT: Realized the "green" jacket is brown on my computer. Looked green on my phone. I like brown better, anyway.
Is it this one? Want.
Is there a picture of the SS15 field jacket somewhere? I'm not sure I see it here.Is it this one?
I think it's this.
Missed out on the field jacket, too. I wonder if we're soon going to see a lot of variations on the following in WAYWT.
I'm actually a convert to both. I own six Inglese shirts but just two Mazzies. The Mazzies don't fit me as well as the Inglese, but I love them as casual shirts.
For those of us who love Mazzies, where can we go to feed our addiction at reasonable cost? (One online retailer charges a hundred more per shirt.)
It's a peeve of mine. I often have to pass up stuff because I know they won't fit properly up there. That said, Inglese shirts are amazing in how well they fit me.
An additional difference is that Inglese's shoulders fit both narrow and broad-shouldered men due to the pleated sleevehead. However, that same sleevehead may also make sleeve shortening a bit more difficult. (Some Inglese have longer sleeves than others so they may need to be altered. For example, the light blue linen shirt had very long sleeves that exceeded my monkey arms.)
New Posts  All Forums: