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Thank you, Greg and Kyle, for putting up with USPS for Canadian customers like me. I'll try to find some more items to buy to make your troubles worthwhile.
PoW plaid Valstarino in size 48: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/jackets/blue-and-white-cotton-linen-plaid-valstarino-bomber-jacket.html P2P: 22" Bottom of hem: 17.5" Sleeve: 26.5" Shoulders from back: 17" BoC: 25.75" Note: I made the above measurements. Measurements for Camoshita in my previous post came from Greg.
Measurements on the brown-burgundy Camoshita SC in size 48:chest 41"shoulders 17 3/4"length 28.5"sleeve 33 1/2"These numbers should apply to the green SC as well, but I don't know about suit jackets.As for measurements on other items, you can try crowdsourcing this thread. Many of us have received measurements from Greg or Kyle, and still more of us have bought unmeasured items. We can all post some stats.
Foreigners need to it so they won't have to pay high duty and taxes. UPS for some reason always charges high (around 30%).
I can confirm for them. I always add a message to my order to request shipping by USPS (except one time when I forgot, I think).
Perhaps NMWA should start cross-posting to the Schneider thread?Somebody said there would be some available for sale this fall. You'd probably have to be very quick.
Not me, man. The Cantarellis and the Formosas don't fit me. I ordered a popover (my first Inglese) that I hope will fit me. I'd add Unbelragazzo to that list.
Greg and Kyle are always patient and helpful. Hope you picked USPS for shipping, that way you'd pay 13% HST at the most. (Nothing if you're lucky.)
Sorry, should have put a smiley at the end of my post. I knew you were just having fun. Doubt I'm a VIP-level kopper, though. That's Stitchy.
I have two NMWA orders in transit, one NMWA MTO, one NMWA pre-order, and I'm itching to move some wish list items into my cart.Lesson: some of us can talk and kop at the same time.
New Posts  All Forums: