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Ask NMWA to ship via USPS and you should only get hit with HST (assuming you live in Ontario).
Are there plans for more denim Walts? Dressy jeans are hard to find.
Stupid question time. I've never worn cuff links, but those Gassmanns look like they are right up my valley (i.e., they don't draw attention). I see that the different links are described as day, evening, sports, and hunting. Are those descriptions supposed to suggest the time period or occasion in which they would be most appropriate, and that the "sport" links can be worn with odd jackets? I know the collective SF wisdom says no links with sport coats, but I'm...
If you are a 2 in GRP, then I'd say 46 in Valstar and a 3 in SS for most pieces.
That's how I feel after surveying my wallet damage since the rollout of NMWA's fall merchandise. I want my next NMWA purchase to be Eidos's brown linen field coat from their SS15 collection, but I doubt I can stop kopping for that long.
I ordered my field coat using the measurements of an Eidos sport coat as reference. I figured the field coat would be sized to cover a SC.
Do the coats get made even if not all the available fabrics are taken? (I imagine they will be.)
Will those fabrics be the four we've seen already? I mean oatmeal, brown corduroy, green casentino, and navy twill?
Yes, a small might be too big for you. I'm a 38 and I wear small.
No drops today?
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