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A pub jacket in cloch and a zip cardigan in 230.
.Thank you both. I've already gone ahead with different colours for the IM MTO
I went green instead of grey.
Sorry, I don't know. I live in Canada. It was below -10C today and it was spring.
I still wouldn't mind a grey/charcoal version in a lighter weight. As it is, the beast should do very well in some Canadian provinces. Does NMWA have customers in Nunavut?
Gone green. I think it's going to be more versatile than I imagine.
With layering, certainly.
Weren't you going to be dumb together with us in grey/charcoal? (I'm not so sure about #3 any more, actually.)
For those considering the kilobeast that is #3, what kind of pants do you plan to wear with it? I just realized that all the pants I own would look flimsy next to it. Even the Rotas on the NMWA are half the weight of the beast.
I'm wondering too whether it'd be too hot during commute. I'm beginning to think #3 is best suited for Saskatchewan. Perhaps we should do this SF-style and get both the green/brown and the grey/charcoal? (Not that I can afford both.)
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