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Sad to learn that Berk Cashmere is having a closeout sale.
Thanks. I have some Ribbed Tees and I'd like to know what other good brands are out there for grey v-necks.
I like synthetics in my undershirts because they make the fit so much better.
Sorry, back to undershirts for a moment: what brand of heather grey v-necks do you guys recommend? The ones mentioned here are all white (I think).
The overdyed LBM looks awesome. Does it have the same pattern as the LBM 1911? Will its price be similar to 1911's, or closer to Epaulet by LBM?
No, I just make sure I wear a pair with rubber soles. If I don't feel like polishing shoes later then I wear shell cordovan, which just need brushing.
Just realized one of the Humphreys I found wasn't in this pic! (A Humphrey with an open umbrella.) I haven't seen the following three Humphreys:
I sent an e-mail after I found five, then sent another one after stumbling over the sixth. I think people can just e-mail after finding two. For each Easter egg, I included the product name as well as the link to the image with Humphrey.
Humphrey is integrated into some product pictures.
Will the locations of all the Easter eggs be revealed? I've only been able to find six so far.
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