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I think it's this coat.
Thank you, guys. That thread's coming out.
Dumb question: Should the thread on the shoulders of the Eidos field jacket be removed?
My measurements for size 3, buttoned and laid flat, are:P2P: 20.50"Length (BoC to hem): 26"Shoulder to cuff: 25.50"Pit to cuff: 20.50Bottom of hem: 17"Not sure whether there's been any stretching.
Thank you for your suffering. Too bad Hansen didn't let you take pics. I'm interested in their Ole Strange knits. (No, I'm not the guy who asked you to check them out.)
Are the Eidos MTO field jackets shipping yet?
Stupid question again. So I kopped an Album scarf. It's awesome and very practical in the Great White North, but how can I integrate it with classic winter outerwear? I can see it with my duffle coat. It would also go with my Merino coat, but I might overheat. I don't see it with my LBM overcoat. How else can I wear it? Am I missing the point? (That mohair really sheds, by the way.)
Ask NMWA to ship via USPS and you should only get hit with HST (assuming you live in Ontario).
Are there plans for more denim Walts? Dressy jeans are hard to find.
Stupid question time. I've never worn cuff links, but those Gassmanns look like they are right up my valley (i.e., they don't draw attention). I see that the different links are described as day, evening, sports, and hunting. Are those descriptions supposed to suggest the time period or occasion in which they would be most appropriate, and that the "sport" links can be worn with odd jackets? I know the collective SF wisdom says no links with sport coats, but I'm...
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