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No idea how well cord cinches. Was hoping to add cords to my wardrobe. Well, the oatmeal tweed looks fine, too. Just not my usual outerwear colour.
Will the Eidos field jacket come in more than one make? I notice there's a brown corduroy version in Eidos' lookbook.
A true six-ply or a 12-ply like the rollneck? I'm interested, but I just ordered a cardigan from Northern Watters so I'm not sure I need another right now.
Would the 6-ply rollneck cause heat strokes indoors in the dead of winter? EDIT: My size is already sold out, so my question is now rhetorical. EDIT 2: Now I've thought about my question a bit, the answer is no. A thicker yarn shouldn't affect a sweater's breathability.
But you'll get a $50 credit!
Thereabouts. The sleeves of last year's rollneck were a bit short for me in small, but I have broader-than-normal shoulders for a 38.
Greg, would it help if we all stopped kopping for a few days so you and Kyle can put up all the goodies?
It can't be warmer than the Merino. I think bull wool sweaters are meant to make men out of us office boys.
I don't know how anyone can stop kopping when he knows that sweater is coming.
I was hoping for street shots of well-dressed bums, actually.
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