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Just realized something obvious: when wearing an Eidos DB coat buttoned up with a scarf, nobody can tell I'm not wearing a suit or SC underneath. I may still kop one...after the Donegal.
Eidos's Donegal coat can do it this year.
Oh, I plan on kopping that Eidos donegal SB coat very soon. It's just hard for me to pass up a badass coat. I'm considering Juncus, and that ts(s) looks promising as well. Will the LBM coats be as slim as last year's? Thanks again, Kyle.
Thanks, Kyle. Two questions:1) That would work for the brown herringbone, but would it work for the charcoal plaid?2) Given the coat's weight, I'm not going to wear it unless it's below freezing point, but by then I'd look a little silly not buttoning up my coat. Is there another way to wear it street-style?
Love'em. It's an instakop except...how can one wear these bad ass coats when not wearing a suit? (I just don't get to wear suits nearly as often as I'd like.) I can pull it off with the SB donegal coat (which I've yet to kop), but not sure how to do this one.Sorry if it's a stupid question.EDIT: by "not wearing a suit", I'm also including not wearing a sport coat or a tie. (I find a sportcoat without a tie is as far as I can push at work without looking out of place.)
But you went charcoal on the Merino...
Are there new Inglese and Mazzies dropping this season? How about some awesome gloves to go with the monster overcoats? (I received my Merino coat--Godzilla edition--yesterday. The shoulders were a bit narrow as expected, but I don't feel constrained due to the roominess of the cut. The sleeves need to be shortened, though.)
The break-in of my white Butteros was painless, but now they're a bit loose due to stretching. To get a better fit, I went down a size for my tan pair. I guess I may experience some pain with those.
I was just going by the measurements in that closed B&S listing. If this reissue came to pass, I'd ask for measurements first before placing an order. (Now I'm a little worried about my Frozen Waves Merino coat, which should arrive this week.)
Great looking moleskin, but 17" across the shoulders for size IV?! That's narrow. I'd have to go up to size VI then the fit would be all wrong....
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