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I took an iron to it this past weekend and took out all the wrinkles and creases. It wound up looking a little like a deflated coat with a small lapel roll.(I don't know if I'd committed a SW&D crime.)
Will the Rota MTO be online as well?EDIT: I realize this is a silly question, so I'll just wait.
Thanks, Greg! I think I'm just going to order a size 15/38 popover and find out for myself.
Thanks! This means no Inglese for me.
If size 16/41 has a shoulder width of less than 19", can I assume that size 15/38 has a shoulder width of less than 18"? (I can work with 17.5" shoulders if the chest is a bit over 40".)
Shoulder width on the size 15/38 Inglese linen popovers, please. (I imagine the chambray shirts measure the same.) Are the linen Niche shirts sized the same way as the winter ones? If so, I'm a medium with XL shoulders.
Rotas in 500 g cotton twill work very well in -20 weather. I hope the summer Rotas will be as cool as the winter ones are warm. Are the linen Rotas stiff or washed? (I think they are stiff based on the pics.)
Sorry if this question has been asked already, but is the navy Doyle a dark navy, like the product pics suggest, or is it a greyish blue, like some of the outdoor pics show?
Was there just one pattern for the winter Rotas? From the measurements, it seemed the wool ones had a more relaxed fit. (I only have one pair in cotton.)
You may have a shorter-than-average neck, so mock necks work best for you. I prefer full turtlenecks because they reach just below my jaw line (without hugging). Mock necks are too short on me.Still, I wouldn't want a linen turtleneck.
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