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Thanks! The normal size conversion, then. I thought someone here said he needed to go down a size and a half. Any chance of measurements for the chukkas in UK 7 (I normally wear US 8)?
So I should take Lodger chukkas in UK 6 if I normally wear UK 7?
Thinking about getting a pair of Lodger chukkas...if Carmina's Simpson last fits me well in UK 7, do I take Lodger in UK 7 or 6.5? Some people here say Lodgers run large.
Search by maker and not by category (outerwear).
Does the glen plaid look washed out from a distance, like the pics on the site? (Looks awesome up close.) If that's the case, maybe I should get the light blue one instead.
I have the glen plaid Valstarino in my cart, waiting for the code to drop so Greg can take my money. Going by the measurements on the F/W Valstarinos, the shoulders are going to be an inch too small for me in my usual size, but I have to go two sizes up to get my shoulder size. What to do... (I'm a traditional 36 (slim 38) with wide shoulders and monkey arms.)
Did new stuff just drop in time for the special discount? I've resisted Valstar thus far, but my will is crumbling...
Sorry, cotton. I have a pair in dark brown twill.
Received my first pair of Rotas yesterday and they are going to my tailor tomorrow. Dumb question: are they truly dry-clean only or can they be hand-washed?
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