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Does the overcoat sizing begin at 36? I sometimes have to size down if the fit is traditional. (But if it fits Dieworkwear, I think it'll fit me.)I hope you have enough in small to satisfy both the streetwear crowd and the guys in classic menswear.This is going to be an expensive season, but I'm smiling...
I'm hoping for some of the cool knits on this page, but I don't know what's going to be carried: http://inismeain.ie/collection/autumn_winter_2013
Thanks again for the reply on Inis Meain sweaters. I think I'll have to prepare myself to drop $$$$ on you guys this fall. Say, are there plans to make some of the hard-to-find classic men's coats?
Thank you for the quick replies.I think a small size should work for me. I'm around 37 in the chest but wear a 38 due to my slightly wide shoulders. My waist is around 29.5.How's the cut of Inis Meain? Is it boxy or somewhat shaped?
Will some of your Aran knits be small enough for slim guys whose suit size is 36 or 38? In other words, will your sweaters look good on Dieworkwear?
Those would be a good start, but the other colours found in those Palantino socks would be nice as well.I'd go with OTC due to my fat calves.
I agree. Kent Wang just has three colours and Berg and Berg has another two (they both have grey and blue). Could use more vibrant colours.
Can you or someone here proxy? The page here doesn't seem to allow online orders.Trading Post also has fancy shoe boxes should anyone care.
Would you mind posting measurements? Thank you.
Do you mean a stitched cap? I prefer punched but that works for me too. Robert last's good.
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