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I'll give it a try. Am planning to iron it this afternoon anyways. It's darker in real life. This picture captures the look:
Sorry, It's too soon for me to wear it. Six inches of snow came down today. I hope other members will help you out. It should go well with a whole lot of colours.
TTS for me. I'm a slim 38US/48EU and the bomber in 48 fits me well. I could've taken it in 46, but the shoulders would have been too narrow.
To those going to the trunk show, I encourage you to check out the PoW plaid Valstarino. I finally received mine yesterday and it looks terrific. The picture below does not do it justice.
Not for this season, it seems.I don't really need NMWA to carry more items I want, but I wouldn't mind if it carried HWL. (I'm slim but not lanky.)
Is there a whole swatch book?A Heschung question: does the MTO accept sizes that NMWA doesn't carry? I normally wear US 8 / UK 7, that translates to about 4" in sole width and 11.5 in sole length. (Measuring my Rider boots.)
I took an iron to it this past weekend and took out all the wrinkles and creases. It wound up looking a little like a deflated coat with a small lapel roll.(I don't know if I'd committed a SW&D crime.)
Will the Rota MTO be online as well?EDIT: I realize this is a silly question, so I'll just wait.
Thanks, Greg! I think I'm just going to order a size 15/38 popover and find out for myself.
Thanks! This means no Inglese for me.
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