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For those considering the kilobeast that is #3, what kind of pants do you plan to wear with it? I just realized that all the pants I own would look flimsy next to it. Even the Rotas on the NMWA are half the weight of the beast.
I'm wondering too whether it'd be too hot during commute. I'm beginning to think #3 is best suited for Saskatchewan. Perhaps we should do this SF-style and get both the green/brown and the grey/charcoal? (Not that I can afford both.)
I don't like nailhead, and green isn't too versatile for me, so it's #3. Good thing I run cold.
You mean bringing the people what they didn't know they wanted. Shopping at NMWA has been a journey of learning and a fair price.Some day soon, someone will start a thread on how to get money quick so they could afford their next NMWA hit. Maybe it'll merge with the one on investing.
Re: Frozen Waves coat I've never heard of this legendary coat, and those models don't seem to do it justice, but I like how it looks on Greg. How do I find my size? I own one Schneider piece in size 5, but I think normally I'd be a size 4. My only concern is the shoulder width: I need 17.75" to 18". Since winter is very real where I live, I'm interested in the grey/charcoal heavy wool version. It should be good for temps below -20C.
Is that why NMWA can sell its goods at good prices but can't restock? That they're "hot"?
No problem. Are we getting a write-up on Seraphin?
Sorry, that wasn't me. I wasn't at the trunk show.
Yes, people used to cold tend not to feel it as much. I find that the easiest way to look stylish in deep freeze is to go full MC. With a light suit (10 oz. fabric) and a medium weight topcoat I can easily handle -20C weather. The whole coat-and-tie look is layered to begin with and the tie requires the shirt to be buttoned to the top, trapping more warmth. (The tie itself also acts as a light scarf.) Add a scarf, a fully lined wool topcoat, lined leather gloves and a...
Not necessarily. I wound up layering a lot this winter: shirt + wool sweater + fully lined wool coat + wool scarf is usually enough. If the temperature looked dire, I'd wear a light grey base layer under my shirt.
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