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No problem. Are we getting a write-up on Seraphin?
Sorry, that wasn't me. I wasn't at the trunk show.
Yes, people used to cold tend not to feel it as much. I find that the easiest way to look stylish in deep freeze is to go full MC. With a light suit (10 oz. fabric) and a medium weight topcoat I can easily handle -20C weather. The whole coat-and-tie look is layered to begin with and the tie requires the shirt to be buttoned to the top, trapping more warmth. (The tie itself also acts as a light scarf.) Add a scarf, a fully lined wool topcoat, lined leather gloves and a...
Not necessarily. I wound up layering a lot this winter: shirt + wool sweater + fully lined wool coat + wool scarf is usually enough. If the temperature looked dire, I'd wear a light grey base layer under my shirt.
OK, haven't tried Esemplare. Thought someone said that it's not THAT warm, so I never gave it a shot. I'll wait for FW14.
Actually, NMWA needs some coats for truly cold weather. Those LBM coats aren't too warm below -20 Celsius because they aren't fully lined. They're still great though. I've worn my LBM more often than my other winter coats this past season. I'm wearing it today because it's still very much below the freezing point here. We need stylish clothes for heat waves and cold snaps.
I don't know whether to be thankful that off-the-rack Formosas don't fit me. But with all the new drops and my growing wish list, I see myself making another order within a week.
Did you or anyone find anything awesome in the Rota swatches?
Thanks. I'm not worried about the hooded jacket, but a little hesitant about the Schneider. It should already look relaxed on me in size 4 based on the measurements (except for my shoulders), not sure sizing up one will quite work.
How does the navy dobby cotton hooded jacket look in real life? It's on my to-get list (as in possibly next month). I'd go for the Schneider baseball jacket except it probably wouldn't fit me right. (Would have to go to size 5 to get the shoulders to fit, but then the rest of the jacket would look too relaxed on me in that size.)
New Posts  All Forums: