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I don't think they have arrived yet. If they have, then they aren't ready for online presentation.
Cool! Not sure how Rotas will fit me. I would like to see thigh and hem measurements in the future. I have slim thighs but fat calves.Epaulet's Slim Walt size 30 fits me very well. Can you tell me how your Rotas compare? They seem to have a much lower rise, which might not work for me.
It may be a 7 drop. Just noticed the size is listed as 48/7. Assuming that's the case, I wonder why some sizes have a 6 drop (e.g., 52/6 and 54/6).
I expect it to be something to put on my wish list. Shopped too much for this season already.
Out of curiosity, what are the measurements of the original size 48 trousers? (I'm a size 38 short with an 8" drop.)
Are those casentino coats Greg mentioned in store yet? Besides those, the Rota trousers and some Alfred Sargent shoes, what else haven't arrived?
E-mail them and they can USPS it to you. Mine's on the way.
You can get one via FarFetch: http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/designer-sns-herning-textured-wool-cardigan-item-10512365.aspx?storeid=9081Just one XL left.
I'm not sure Inis Meain can be restocked this season. When I missed out on the pub jacket two weeks ago, I was put on a waiting list in case the people who reserved the ones in my size backed out.There are similar ones at A Suitable Wardrobe, but the price is higher and the fall/winter one isn't in my size.
Will do. I'm hoping to dodge the missile. (If there are going to be duties & taxes for the package, they will be too big to be called a bullet.)
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