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Thanks! A few more questions:1) I tried to checkout with just the loyalty program but it wanted to charge me shipping. Is that correct?2) What's the sizing like on the turtlenecks? They seem to be missing from the sizing guide. My suit size is 38. Should I take the small?3) Would your trousers work for someone with 30" waist and 14" calves? The hem seems too small to work for me.
Go medium. Inis Meain knits in small have the perfect sleeve lengths for me, but I'm 5'7" size 38.
I love turtlenecks, too. I've never tried WvG. Are yours thin enough to layer under a sport coat, or are they more like outerwear knits?
I asked for Salvatore Piccolo shirts partly for their more athletic cut. A 15" neck would have at least 17" shoulders, which is enough to work for me (but I could use another quarter to half inch). That, and his shirts are fun.
Dang! I notice LBM is offering some interesting vests, and someone in this thread was talking about vests for summer.
Edit: added pics
Are there detailed reports from Pitti Uomo 84 on what brands like Inis Meáin and LBM are offering? I like to just look at pictures and pick out the things I want. I could only find this little bit on LBM: http://simplydapper.com/sneak-peak-of-the-luigi-bianchi-mantova-and-l-b-m-1911-ss14-collections/
Don't have the birdseye, but the charcoal button-up mock neck, the navy crooked sickle gansey crewneck, and the red Aran cable crewneck all fit me quite well in small. The birdseye doesn't seem that much bigger. I'm a 38 drop 8.
What size are you? My suit size is 38 and a small fits me very well. If you're a 36 it should fit fairly well.
Stupid question: would the beige Farnese woven belt be a good match for the Buttero off-white sneakers, or does belt-matching matter at all with sneakers?
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