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Out of curiosity, what are the measurements of the original size 48 trousers? (I'm a size 38 short with an 8" drop.)
Are those casentino coats Greg mentioned in store yet? Besides those, the Rota trousers and some Alfred Sargent shoes, what else haven't arrived?
E-mail them and they can USPS it to you. Mine's on the way.
You can get one via FarFetch: http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/designer-sns-herning-textured-wool-cardigan-item-10512365.aspx?storeid=9081Just one XL left.
I'm not sure Inis Meain can be restocked this season. When I missed out on the pub jacket two weeks ago, I was put on a waiting list in case the people who reserved the ones in my size backed out.There are similar ones at A Suitable Wardrobe, but the price is higher and the fall/winter one isn't in my size.
Will do. I'm hoping to dodge the missile. (If there are going to be duties & taxes for the package, they will be too big to be called a bullet.)
Greg, I'm impressed. I was just looking at Drake's single-ply roll necks the other day. Yours are cheaper and 2-ply. How do they compare otherwise? My shopping basket just broke the 1K mark. Am waiting to see how my first order survives customs before placing the second.
I encountered the following error message when I tried to sign in after adding an item to my shopping bag: Fatal error: Call to a member function setTitle() on a non-object in D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\nomanwalksalone\shop\includes\src\Mage\Customer\controllers\AccountController.php on line 114
Use the link from your e-mail invitation.
Just how big is the Founders' Circle? I find the site sluggish when loading individual items, but quick when loading a category (e.g., outerweaer).
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