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Can't you order from amazon.ca yourself? I'm in Canada and I'm able to order from amazon.com.
Not a complaint, just curious: why are linen and linen blend Inis Meains more expensive than wool ones? EDIT: Never mind. Wasn't looking at the prices closely enough. Linen ones aren't more expensive, just linen blend, and even then it depends on the style.
I was comparing with my F/W Inis Meain as well. I'm thinking of sizing up because I wear 38S in jackets. The linen crewneck in small would be tight.
Has the sizing changed on some Inis Meain? Looks like I'll have to take this one in medium instead of small. EDIT: Greg's post above answers my question.
OK, I'll try my usual size in the classic fit next time. Thanks! I need to size up in the new Italian fit. My tailor did a very good job letting out the pair I bought in my usual size, but there wasn't much to work with (half an inch or so).
I wear these leather slippers. Not sure if they are considered as truly cheap.
Tight in the seat but not in the thighs, though I wish the hems were a bit larger for my fat calves. The waist was fine in the new slim fit (Italian). Do I take my usual size in the classic slim fit then? (I'm looking at the SS14 trousers and some SS13 trousers on sale.)
For trousers, if I found the new slim fit (the slimmest fit) tight in my usual size, would I have to size up in the classic slim fit?
All right, I'm done going through the shirts. -I'm keeping seven. That leaves 22 for @mmmtttt. If he doesn't want them then they'll go to the Salvation Army. -Of the 22, about 10 are boring white shirts. (I'm keeping one white twill shirt.) - Around six have French cuffs. Five of them are initialed. - Turned out the first shirt I looked at was the only one badly stained. There was one white shirt with a hole in the collar, but the rest are fine. All in all, pretty...
The presentation of this Luxeswap package belies the fact that it contains 29 bespoke shirts. Tried four so far and they fit well. Shoulders are a tad small, but the chest is big enough there's no pull. I'm definitely getting more than my money's worth. SF member @mmmtttt is getting my leftovers. Now, these $7 bespoke shirts need laundering. Some have small stains, and some are missing collar stays. Here's the maker's label. You can see some stains as well. Here's...
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