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I took my SC in the same size as my Inis Meain.
I think the discounts are low because the full prices are already low when compared to other retailers'.
For international customers: 1) Create an account on the web site using the same e-mail address you used to register as a founding member. 2) Load up your wish list. 3) Share your wish list with customer@nomanwalksalone.com. 4) Your wishes come true. (And your bank account becomes a bit lighter.) Hope this helps. I just received the e-mail for the private sale.
I wish the items I wanted weren't sold out or were available in my size.
Does the offer apply to international members? I haven't been able to checkout online.
PASTICCERIA GRANDAZZI : http://www.pasticceriagrandazzi.com/en?set_language=en
Thank you for this excellent short.
My brown cashmere rollneck arrived today. The good: size small fits me perfectly. I could use slightly longer sleeves (about an eighth of an inch), but that's a minor quibble. The bad: customs decided to collect duty, so I paid $65 more than anticipated in taxes. :-( A good thing this was a small order. Will rock the rollneck in sub-zero weather tomorrow.
Thanks! Yeah, I went straight for PayPal.
Stupid question from a first-timer: how do I apply the rewards club discount code? I only see a checkout button but not a field to enter the code.
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