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I was hoping for at least one pocket. Always hate having to put my phone in a trouser pocket when I'm not carrying a bag.Not gonna stop me from getting one in 230, though.
For the pub jacket, do these measurements from Inis Meain apply to the MTO model? What about sizing for the full-zip cardigan?
A picture of the pub jacket in Cloch, please.
Is Balla a light or medium grey?
Yes, the grey birdseye currently carried by NMWA is heavier than the grey linen donegal, for example.
Does the full-zip cardigan have pockets? I think I'm getting a pub jacket and a cardigan. EDIT: removed my redundant question. EDIT 2: all the pics I can find on the full-zip tell me there are no pockets, but I want a full-zip in 230.
Re: NMWA's customer service NMWA is the only non-Canadian online menswear shop I know that offers free shipping to Canada, either via UPS or USPS. It means I no longer worry about getting the most out of a shipment and simply kop when I succumb to temptation, which is fairly often lately. (Three orders so far this season.)
I'm a slim 38 and a small from FW13 fits me very well, but I have to size up to medium for SS14 for the same fit. (I'm talking about gansey & Aran cable crewnecks from FW13 and the grey linen donegal & grey birdseye crewnecks from SS14.) I believe Kyle posted a picture of himself in a small grey linen donegal in this thread. Is Kyle's suit size 36?Additional note: I can only wear the grey linen donegal in medium with a T-shirt underneath, but I can wear the grey...
Even the linen stuff?
Pics can't do them justice, especially the Schneider shirt jacket. Just get one, and remember to size up. P.S. You'll also get a cool fold-out catalogue for Schneider SS14.
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