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Denim question: are Big Johns low-rise, or medium-to-normal rise? Do you have measurements? (My waist size is 30".) (Doing more research before making more pre-orders.)
You can see Stutterheims here: http://stutterheim.com/usa/shop/
Does a Stutterheim breathe at all? Is it versatile or look too much like a raincoat?As for the polo...I think it depends on your proportions. I have a similarly sized coat that ends an inch above my knees.
Just this bag, a polo coat, and a pub jacket and I'll be looking at spending $2K. Do you ever plan on having sales? (Still deciding whether to get both the navy hopsack and the houndstooth coat.)
I was just going for the navy hopsack, but it's good to know there is a good reason to get more than one. A 19 oz. coat is good for the deep Canadian winter.
Yes, but any chance of a mass-production (or limited-run) version? I think another person also expressed an interest a while ago. That makes three so far (including me).It doesn't have to be a copy of yours, just a similar one would do.[Edited for clarity]
Man! Were you in my closet? Those are the measurements of my best-fitting overcoat (a chesterfield). I'm going to fill out that polo coat very well indeed. Do I just PayPal to your GMail account?Thank you!
Hmmm...based on the measurements of LBM 1911 sport coats on Epaulet's site, I'm more of a 46 in LBM than 48. If their overcoats are sized the same way, then I may be out of luck on those polo coats. I'll count myself luck if I wound up with a pub jacket that fits at the end of all this.
Dark brown shell cordovan, Dainite or ridgeway sole or I'm out. Sorry.
It's this: 王様の仕立て屋~Sarto Finito~. Stories are basically about a remarkably talented young Japanese tailor in Italy who helps people with their lives using his skills as a tailor (i.e. you can fix anything by wearing the right things). Passable entertainment that's not to be taken seriously.I'm only aware of Chinese translations, though.
New Posts  All Forums: