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Yes, it's time.
Size 48 was gone before I reached the site. Managed to put 46 in my basket but it was gone before I could check out.
As expected, I missed out on the brown linen Eidos field jacket in both size 46 and 48. How heavy is the linen fabric on the Geller officer coat?
Thank you. If I fail to snag a piece in the initial drop, is there enough brown linen left for MTO?
Thanks. No worries, even if I don't go for that coat I'm sure it'll sell out in five minutes.
The picture from Eidos looks a tad darker to me. I like that shade better. Heck, maybe I'll just go straight for the Geller coat. I have little hope of snagging that field coat anyways--too slow on the draw.
Which one is closer to real life?
I think so...it looked darker in Eidos' lookbook.
Thanks! That can be my backup if I failed to score Eidos' brown linen field coat this week.
Is this Ollie or Ts(s)?
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