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I think Mauro plans to leave SF and we'll have to follow his blog. Don't know why your e-mail bounced, though.
The sleeve measurements for the Frank Leder wool shawl collar sweater seem to be the same as shoulder width when displayed in inches. I think they have been copied from shoulder width by mistake.
This one?
Thank you both!
How does the new wool overshirt look when worn open? Are the large buttons distracting?
I have the navy crepe wool Camoshita blazer in 48 and I wear the Eidos field jacket in 48 (though I also fit in a 46 as the two sizes have the same shoulder width). I've never tried an Eidos blazer. Not sure if this helps. The Camo blazer is short in length, though. If you're short like me (around 5'7") then you should be fine.
Thank you for the tips on handling indigo, guys. I just want to stop the heavy bleeding. Will hanging the coat out in the sun be enough? (It's certainly the easiest.)
Would like to know how to stop the bleeding on my sashiko jacket as well. Luxire recommends that I wash it a couple of times, which I haven't yet tried, but if that didn't work for Rincon then I'd like to hear some alternatives. I have about a month to figure this out before the weather cools down enough for me to wear it.
Thanks for fixing my problem, Kyle! Wallet damage is done.
New sales code not working for me.
New Posts  All Forums: