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What's the sweater under the Eidos FJ?
What do people do with the boxes used to ship Vanda's ties? I find them too nice to throw out.
I've been following Murl's way without knowing. Now I know I've been doing it right. I use this for pressing cloth:
A white tee will show through. Wear gray or tan tee if you must, or do without an undershirt and tease the ladies with a hint of nipples.
Are the winter polos awesome enough for the higher price? It's been a while since I ordered my SS16 ones, so I don't remember the details. What's the too-high-to-meet quantity for the lower price?
Going by the measurements, I'd say yes. HJ has bigger shoulders but smaller chest than a FJ in the same size, which means it's not meant to be worn over something thick, and the extra room in the shoulders is probably for movement.
No need to size up. If you are not going to layer then stick with your summer size (52).
The sleeves on the FJ can definitely be shortened. I didn't shorten mine because when I wear a jacket or a heavy knit underneath the sleeves are pulled up to the perfect length. When I'm not layering heavily then I turn back the cuffs. I should add that my fall/winter FJ is 48S but my spring/summer one is 46S since there's no need to layer. The sleeve length on the S/S FJ is perfect for me.
Not sure. The sleeves on my 48S FJ are a bit long--longer than the sleeves on my size 48 Eidos overcoat which isn't MTO.I think the sleeves on the FJ may be a tad longer on purpose so the jacket can be worn with the cuffs turned back, which I do on occasion.
I believe it's just the length. I ordered the field jacket in 48S and I remember the measurements were the same as the regular version except it was shorter in body.
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