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I fit funny, so SC dimensions don't always help. I actually sized up on IM linen sweaters against advice (which worked) but sized back down for the MTO based on that experience. For the SS coat, I went by Greg's rough sizing where size IV = US 38.I'm sure my orders will work out. Just post-commitment jitters, you know.
Didn't take it that way. You're usually OTT. Still, I wonder if it'd be possible to exchange the SS coat for one in a different size since there would be a few available for sale...
Point. I guess there's always the SF marketplace if sizing doesn't work out. I sized up for IM's linen sweaters but took my usual size for the MTO (because pub jacket and zip cardigan are outerwear and therefore bigger). I hope the shoulders on the SS coat won't be too tight.
Dumb question: does NMWA's usual return and exchange policy apply to the MTO's? I'm pretty confident in my choices, but just in case sizing doesn't work out...
A pub jacket in cloch and a zip cardigan in 230.
.Thank you both. I've already gone ahead with different colours for the IM MTO
I went green instead of grey.
Sorry, I don't know. I live in Canada. It was below -10C today and it was spring.
I still wouldn't mind a grey/charcoal version in a lighter weight. As it is, the beast should do very well in some Canadian provinces. Does NMWA have customers in Nunavut?
Gone green. I think it's going to be more versatile than I imagine.
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