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I'm interested in the colourful stuff in SS16. Is there more info on them? Will there be pre-orders? Post-Imperial: Stephan Schnieder: Note: pics snitched from Instagram.
Does Luxire offer linen fabrics from Club Burgoyne, an Indian company? http://www.clubburgoyne.co.in/index/ (URL found in the Unfunded Liabilities thread)
I'm pretty sure I'll be in for the tees. However, I've never tried WvG shirts. Why are the overdyed oxfords awesome? I'm a 15/38 in shirts except that I need an 18" yoke. Do I just mention that in the notes section when ordering?
The blue blazer is bananas. Pics do not do it justice. There is a classy sheen to the fabric that makes this a very dressy knit. All the CM guys should check it out. I'm looking forward to the fall version. I may order the grey one as well.
For those interested in reading about Cariaggi cashmere, here's a link found by another SF member: http://www.loyola.edu/cagliweb/2004/kaylanscagliola/index.html
Thanks! Too bad I missed the linen balmacaan. Will keep an eye out for the fall version.
Wait, a balmacaan? Are there pics? That duffle coat sounds long enough. Thanks!
Hi Mauro, For the long-sleeve heavy tees, would you consider in the future: 1) Making them heavier--8 oz. or so? I find that they pair best with very lightweight pants else my top seems too light. 2) Making the sleeves less tapered. I have skinny arms but the sleeves are almost tight on my forearms. Thank you for making good stuff. I look forward to receiving my blazer this week.
Will the duffle coat be knee-length or longer?
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