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Got it! I'll probably do both preorder and MTM.
How come no MTM for G. Inglese this year? Was hoping to order size 38 with shorter sleeves and wider yoke.
I wear Inglese polos in 38 and I have had their sleeves shortened by at least an inch. Don't have a problem with their body length, but I'm 5' 7". Haven't noticed any shrinkage from washing them cold then air dry. They're awesome. Need them in more colours and patterns (olive and tan don't really work for me).
I would be interested in trying an undershirt.
It's actually a slim fit. My suit size is 38 with a 31" waist and the cardigan in small is not boxy on me.
Thanks! I'll dry clean the linen when needed then. I just want to get any shrinkage out of the way before I get the trousers altered, but if there's going to be minimal shrinkage, then I might as well skip the washing.
Not sure. They are a bit wrinkled from being in transit, and look a bit worse than the pair in delave linen.
Received today my MTO trousers in Egyptian Khyber and delave linen. Is there any danger of major shrinkage if I washed them in cold water then hanged them to dry?
Was searching for Lupos today and hit these work-in-progress pages by accident:LUPO LONG SLEEVE POLO in WHITE PIQUE -!product-page/j7ijj/ea77f230-558f-57b6-cdd1-0ba565e8f827TRAPUNTO FIELD JACKET in MIDNIGHT COTTON SHANTUNG -!product-page/j7ijjAre there other product shots from the web store you can share, Nick?
What's the sweater under the Eidos FJ?
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