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Will the duffle coat be knee-length or longer?
Thanks, Mauro. (Damn! I'm out of shelf space.) As for pop colours, pics might help. I prefer darker colours.
Dumb question: should a knit blazer be hung up like a sport coat or folded up like a sweater?
Roughly when will the sweaters go on sale today? Also, I like the shoe. What kind of sole is it?
It does help. Thank you.
I'm size 38. Should I take the rip-stop Ventile tour jacket in small or medium? Would a small give a tight fit or would it have room for layering?
Any update on Gestalt's Kickstarter?
Any pics of the blue blazer?
Is there a working size chart for the long-sleeved tees? The one on the web site leads me to a login prompt.
Can the sleeves on a knit blazer be shortened?
New Posts  All Forums: