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Is there a working size chart for the long-sleeved tees? The one on the web site leads me to a login prompt.
Can the sleeves on a knit blazer be shortened?
Just received a restock notification for a belt I don't remember and is not on the site. The good news is I actually received a restock notification. UPDATE The belt for which I was notified was indeed on the site, but the notification contained an old URL. Old URL: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/shop/index.php/accessories/belts/honey-brown-calf-olimpo-casual-belt-1351.html New URL: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/honey-brown-calf-olimpo-casual-belt-1707.html
I'm pretty slim. I can actually wear Rotas in 44 with some letting out, though I don't find them as comfortable as properly sized ones. Eidos should work for me in 46 or 48 with some alterations. Since I'm in Canada, I'd like to nail down my size before ordering. Maybe I should just pay NMWA a visit one of these days and try them on. Thank you for your help.
Thanks. I did compare the waist of a pair of cotton Rotas against Eidos' measurements, and it was just a bit bigger than Eidos' 46 and 1.5" less than 48. I guess I'd have to size up.
If I'm a 46 in Rota, am I a 46 or a 48 in Eidos pants? Going by the measurements, I seem to fall between sizes.
Serious answer: hard enough to hold its shape and thick enough not to wrinkle much. Looking forward to wearing mine when it's not freezing.
I went with XS and I'm a 38.
I am roughly 15-33 in shirts, but I don't know if I need Charvet.
Based on my AW14 FJ in 48 EU short: Shoulder to cuff: 26" BoC: 28.5"
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