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Already out of stock in my size (46).
Thanks, but no go. Called UnionMade's flagship store and was told that their first Eidos shipment was still in processing at their warehouse, and that they hadn't received everything yet. They wouldn't be able to sell the jacket to me offline.
Thank you for the clarification. Now an unrelated question: Could you help me with tracking down a Matera jacket in US38/IT48?MP3 had just one in 48 and it was sold last week (to a lucky SF member, I think). I don't see it listed at UnionMade or Barney's yet.I'm trying to get one before the end of the month, when I will go on a trip that will take me from cool and temperate weather to warm and humid, to cool and humid, to cool and dry. The Matera strikes me as the perfect...
What about shoulder width?
Drat. Was hoping to get some jersey ones.
Looks good! (Can't insert a thumbs-up from my tablet.)
Will there be winter polos from Inglese?
I'd use traditional Chinese if targeting Chinese in HK or Taiwan; simplified Chinese otherwise. They can read either version but most Chinese prefer the version they use most often.There are differences in expressions but nothing major.Let us know the translation you want go with and we may be able to offer some final suggestions.
coloRLOw's translation is better than mine, though I'd avoid using 感謝twice.
Just the first line was correct, but I tweaked all three:承蒙您使用LuxeSwap。我們非常感謝您的業務,希望能在未來再次協助。Do you want this in tradtional or simplified Chinese? What you have is traditional, but you may want a professional to review the translation like the other poster suggested.
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