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I have the navy crepe wool Camoshita blazer in 48 and I wear the Eidos field jacket in 48 (though I also fit in a 46 as the two sizes have the same shoulder width). I've never tried an Eidos blazer. Not sure if this helps. The Camo blazer is short in length, though. If you're short like me (around 5'7") then you should be fine.
Didn't know Nicos were water-resistant. Am thinking of getting a pair for my brother. Good to know.How does mohair wear in winter? I've only worn it in summer in a wool/mohair blend. It wears cool and holds a crease.Edit: I imagine wool/mohair would wear warm in winter, but is it warmer or cooler than pure wool?
Out of curiosity, what grade of higher end leather shoes (non-sneakers) can you get made? How would they compare with British, Hungarian, or Romanian shoes?
How do we order MTO/MTM? Do we pick any size on the web site then add a note?
What kind of clothes do you want to make, Mauro? Your customer base is diverse because people buy your pieces for their own reasons. You can't cater to all of us, so it may be best to cater to yourself and hope the rest of us will follow. I'm a CM guy's who's been trying to upgrade his casual wardrobe. It's surprisingly hard to find basic, affordable casual clothing in high quality. Too many brands just aren't what they used to be. So yes, I'm interested in your...
It could be a lot of the members don't know enough to value high quality fabric and construction. Many can only tell that your stuff looks and feels better. Try explaining those things a bit more.
Do we get to order the Spring 2016 items soon? They should work for fall as well.
If you are talking about the upcoming indigo hoodie, I'm pretty sure Mauro said no crocking.
Can reward members still request overdye MTOs, or is it closed for the season? I love your tees and thermals but haven't tried your shirts because I'm hard-to-fit off the rack, and the numbers don't look like they would work for me.I hope you keep doing menswear. Your tees and thermals didn't look like much to me at first, but I found myself keep wearing them. Your move to Italian makers is a good one. I bought the navy knit blazer and it blew me away. (Only downside...
Is MTM still available on the overdyes for rewards members?
New Posts  All Forums: