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Trying to decide on a field coat before they drop. Am pretty much set on kopping the Eidos brown coat because I don't have a light coat in that colour, but the blue ones are calling to me. Decisions, decisions... Valstar 100% linen blue field shacket: Eidos heavy brown linen field coat: Eidos coarse blue hopsack hemp field coat:
Just so I have an idea of my upcoming wallet damage: will both Eidos and Valstar drop in March? I think I will be getting at least one field coat from each.
Eidos outerwear seems to have disappeared from the site. Glad I grabbed the SB donegal coat over the weekend.
Does this mean SF members will soon be able to order some of the Japanese shoes discussed here?
I'm a 38/48 S. I've never tried on an Eidos suit or SC, but I do have the field coat in that size and based on that fit, I think a SC should fit me just fine. I still haven't decided on MTO yet, though.
If I were to place an Eidos MTO in winter cloth right now, would I be able to request the new cut? (I need a short so any Eidos sc or suit I purchase here has to be MTO.)
I love the Oliver Spencer bomber I bought last year, but given the shoulder width on the jacket, I know none of the OS shirts would fit me properly. I may get more OS jackets in the future knowing their shoulders might be a bit tight.
I'm in Canada. Also, I'm a small (38) in every way except for my shoulders and my arms are on the long side. Eidos is rare in that it fits me correctly. I have shoulder problems with Oliver Spencer, Stephan Schneider, TS(s), Stutterheim, Mackintosh, and Mazarelli. Inis Meain and Scott & Charter are almost too short in arms (but quite workable). Sizing up sometimes works, often it throws the fit off.
Quoting from the Eidos thread...I think Greg is telling us we don't kop hard enough in the pre-sale season, guys. I have two problems: fit and need. I'm a bit hard to fit and many brands just don't fit me quite right. (For example, I can never button up my Schneider's Merino coat all the way, but I can live with that.) I also find it hard sometimes to justify a purchase. I've yet to pull the trigger on a Gray because I already have lots of knits.That said, I tend to...
Greg, if you plan on removing some sales items to make room for new drops, would you mind doing a "last call" on those items that are about to disappear? I think many of us have a short attention span. If you parade them in front of us just one more time, we just might snap some of them up so they don't end up on Yoox or the homeless. (Not that clothing the homeless is wrong in any way.)
New Posts  All Forums: