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I'll probably clean it rarely. I was thinking if I washed or dry cleaned it once it'll stop the colour from rubbing off.
This is probably heresy, but how can I keep my sashiko jacket looking dark and brilliant? I love the jacket's colour, which is darker than pics suggest, and it has a mild sheen. Right now, just handling the coat turns my fingers blue. Is there a way to prevent the colour from rubbing off and keep it from bleeding in the wash? Cold wash with salt or baking soda? Dry cleaning?
This is probably an old question: Has the sizing changed on the bamboo-sorona tees? I have a bamboo-sorona tee from a previous season in small. Its pit-to-pit measures 40". That's a medium on the size chart for the new batch. Is it safe for me to go medium? (My suit size is 38" if that helps.)
I'm interested in the colourful stuff in SS16. Is there more info on them? Will there be pre-orders? Post-Imperial: Stephan Schnieder: Note: pics snitched from Instagram.
Does Luxire offer linen fabrics from Club Burgoyne, an Indian company? http://www.clubburgoyne.co.in/index/ (URL found in the Unfunded Liabilities thread)
I'm pretty sure I'll be in for the tees. However, I've never tried WvG shirts. Why are the overdyed oxfords awesome? I'm a 15/38 in shirts except that I need an 18" yoke. Do I just mention that in the notes section when ordering?
The blue blazer is bananas. Pics do not do it justice. There is a classy sheen to the fabric that makes this a very dressy knit. All the CM guys should check it out. I'm looking forward to the fall version. I may order the grey one as well.
For those interested in reading about Cariaggi cashmere, here's a link found by another SF member: http://www.loyola.edu/cagliweb/2004/kaylanscagliola/index.html
Thanks! Too bad I missed the linen balmacaan. Will keep an eye out for the fall version.
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