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Here are five items I didn't quite sleep on, but others may have. 1) Oliver Spencer's Burgundy Lambeth wool bomber This was one of the first things I ordered from NMWA. I recall asking Greg whether he carried it because I saw it elsewhere online. It's sporty yet dressy. The first day I wore it, somebody asked whether I just came from church. Great for cool fall or spring weather--or winter if you live in warm climes. Only one size is left but there shouldn't be...
They also give broad-shouldered guys a good and comfortable fit.
Mazzy needs wider shoulders--about an inch wider. Inglese is cut almost perfectly for me. A couple of washes and the sleeves are at the right length. (I wear 15/38.)
Yes, the boonies called Canada.
Received my first proper Inglese today (butcher stripe linen shirt). It fit me better than any of my MTM shirts and it is perhaps the most flattering shirt I own. I may turn heads at the office. May order many more soon. P.S. The shirt arrived a week after I received notification, which is a record for USPS shipping.
I wish it were a 38S. I do have the drop needed and it's hard to find RTW jackets that fit me.
Sad to learn that Berk Cashmere is having a closeout sale.
Thanks. I have some Ribbed Tees and I'd like to know what other good brands are out there for grey v-necks.
I like synthetics in my undershirts because they make the fit so much better.
Sorry, back to undershirts for a moment: what brand of heather grey v-necks do you guys recommend? The ones mentioned here are all white (I think).
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