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Do the coats get made even if not all the available fabrics are taken? (I imagine they will be.)
Will those fabrics be the four we've seen already? I mean oatmeal, brown corduroy, green casentino, and navy twill?
Yes, a small might be too big for you. I'm a 38 and I wear small.
No drops today?
The new Rotas in 44 and 46 have the same measurements. Typo or are those sizes the same?
Thank you, Nick. I hope there will be enough in size 48 at NMWA for SS15.As for the re-issue of the AW14 field jacket, will it be MTO or limited edition?
My measurements for size 3, buttoned and laid flat, are:P2P: 20.50"Length (BoC to hem): 26"Shoulder to cuff: 25.50"Pit to cuff: 20.50Bottom of hem: 17"Not sure whether there's been any stretching.
I'm wearing my grey one today. Sorry, no pics, but I'll measure it when I get home. It fits much slimmer than S&C cardigans.
What's the difference in fabric between the green and the yellow? Which one did NMWA order?EDIT: Realized the "green" jacket is brown on my computer. Looked green on my phone. I like brown better, anyway.
Is it this one? Want.
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