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Try Charles Wall.
I've never been hit with custom fees in Canada when the package is posted via Royal Mail.
Thanks. Laziness demands that I ask before I do real work. Sink it is.
Has anyone tried machine-washing last year's thermal sweater on delicate setting? I know the label says dry cleaning and I think Mauro reluctantly allows hand-washing, but I'm not sure about delicate machine wash then air dry.
I don't think there have been Rotas in cavalry twill, but there's this pair from Eidos: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/slate-blue-cavalry-twill-sal-trousers-11-12-oz-wool.html (with a high waist, no less!)
I think Mauro plans to leave SF and we'll have to follow his blog. Don't know why your e-mail bounced, though.
The sleeve measurements for the Frank Leder wool shawl collar sweater seem to be the same as shoulder width when displayed in inches. I think they have been copied from shoulder width by mistake.
This one?
Thank you both!
How does the new wool overshirt look when worn open? Are the large buttons distracting?
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