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those look crazy
what's the difference between the rugby pair you posted and the one from last year that came in a box?
that resoled pair looks nice....doesn't seem worth it though considering how much DBs are
really cant go wrong with jack purcells
those look awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by mapclub Wow I was just about to ask about Jack Spades! How do you find it? Any quirks or anything I should know about? Their size seems really useful to me: I carry a 5dmk2 and soon a laptop too. I think they are really well priced compared to similar leather bags even not taking into account 10% first purchase or the semi regular 25% off sales they have. Or can anyone tell me about a similarly sized /...
thanks. just googled it. there was a BlendsxRRL collab last january.
can someone shed some light on these?
barneys carries N&F
paypal sent
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