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i'm having trouble checking out on plndr....probably better that i dont spend the money anyway
i'm going to be in the philippines during release otherwise i would definitely be willing to help you out
well good luck this time around...doubt you'll need it tho
im in NJ/NY and the cements were still around in decent sizes 3 weeks after release. the NT hype is blinding you my man
not to mention lots of people are trying to get rid of their 09 pairs. i've seen a few of those for sale now for around $200 shipped
you really think TBs will be hard to get?? every release so far this year except YOTRs have been easy to get if youre either awake at midnight or go first thing in the morning. Word is these are produced in the same amount as the cements which were still around my way a couple weeks after release. they won't sit on shelves but definitely shouldn't be that hard to get
no need to do nasty things...they'll be easy to get in a few weeks
that cardigan up there is nice
just got my IH301s in
got them today. awesome!
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