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those shoes have a very orthopedic quality to them
blue owl is definitely one of the best shops i've dealt with
those wingtip boots up there are really nice
i doubt much RRL will be included in the private sale
Quote: Originally Posted by quicksilverXP Ahh ok.... thanks guys... I won't worry about them then. It was the Bloomingdales in San Francisco... they were 30% off sale price, 20% off if you bought two pairs, and 25 dollars off for every 100 you spent. So I bought a pair of the Vintage Achilles in green/white and the Vans looking ones in black and white. Both size 42... I might only keep one... so I might sell one of them on here for how much I...
how much wear on the RJBs?
i've always had a great experience buying from you guys....thumbs up
gentle cycle and hang dry for me
gotta love when j. crew has their extra 30% off sales
LV evidences worth the price?
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