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BUMP! Giving it away at $250 Shipped. Somebody take this suit!
$300 takes it!
6/26/11 Price Cut
9/21 Price Cut
6/19 price cut
I have a gray BB Golden Fleece for sale here:
^ You are correct sir, it's indeed a Caruso tag. post edited.
FOR SALE: I have a brand new unfinished brooks Brothers Golden Fleece 'Regent' suit in 41L. Charcoal with subtle gray & reddish pinstriped. It's from a clearance but new w/o flaws. Really nice looking suit with a fairly slim/modern cut, high armpits, double vented, three button, unpleated (flat) pants. Sleeve buttons are unattached, but included ready for finishing. I fit perfectly into a 42L in BB and this one is just a little tight in the chest and armpits for me....
Hi guys, So i've got a meeting with a recruiter tomorrow and am unsure how to dress. He was pretty vague about what we would be discussing and the nature of the meeting in general. Do the same dress rules as a standard interview with a hiring manager apply? The potential position is in engineering/R&D if that maters. Many thanks!
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