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don't know for sure, but look like redwings to me
Order of the Stick Sinfest Wondermark Perry Bible Fellowship (the afore mentioned PBF) Lackadaisy (despite the furries)
looks like a mix between the clarks desert boot and wallabee
In cases of those pursuing a masters degree or a PhD, it can just be that they do not exactly have the time or funds available to pick out the best clothes. In the long run, they are favoring their goal of academic success over a day-to-day issue of wearing good outfits. Even tenured academics might still think that the influence of their research or credentials or intelligence will outweigh any possible social gain from wearing a good outfit beyond an average outfit so...
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Realistically by the time we get this in production, we're looking at a April or May delivery at best. Ok, so this might turn out to be my new summer shoes then. Thanks.
As a tower can be demolished to let a tree grow.
I was wondering about an approximate time frame for these. Done by New Year's might be too much to ask, but I don't really know. So, maybe spring 2008 or so?
Any hope of getting some approximate time frames on the collabs? Please?
There is also Cultizm, which has probably the lowest prices for Nudies I've seen anywhere. If shipped to the US, the 19% tax goes away.
Voted for Berlin. In addition to having, in this round, the most well-put together outfit, the picture itself is quite good, IMO.
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