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This does not answer your question, but I recommend this blog if you want to be stylish at college without spending a fortune. http://collegetrad.blogspot.com.au/
To non-Australians - what do you think of this look/fit?
Its all to do with posture & how fit they are.Here's a well known Australian politician/firness fanatic age 53, he always looks smart.
Where on earth do the McGraw's got such ill-fitting suits? The coats are way too long, like overcoats. They must be worth $100 million at least, the women look fine..
I like the "ivy League" look as an alternative to all the conservative suits here. I like the ties with broad stripes, vertical stripe knit ties, taupe trousers, boating shoes, cotton polo shirts, button down shirts, plain sweaters, structured belts, etc.http://www.ivy-style.comTrouble is I cant source "Nantucket Reds" locally!
Onassis favorite colors.
Charlie? Henry? Jason? Is that you?There was a guy in Canberra in the 90's who sold vibrant ties, was Canberran of the year.
Tan & black - classic.
Quiet a good,bold outfit for you. As somebody else said, a slightly narrower tie would be more in fashion. In all a very good effort.
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