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Mood has carried some in limited colors-two shades of blue- in the past. I've haven't been there in a while but when they had it was like $40/yard.
I've also seen escorial/mohair mixes from Halstead.
Supposedly only certain companies have the right to sell escorial cloth. I've seen escorial cloth from Taylor & Lodge, H & S and, Martin Sons before that company was purchased by HFW.
I think so compared to a non-GB of similar weight and weave. But the softness of GB like any other fabric is dependent on a variety of factors aside from the yarn itself including weave and finish. For example, I have felt lightweight escorial flannel that feels soft and limp and I have 650 gm escorial coating that is relatively firm and hard.
Despos has spoken very highly of it. I have some but haven't made it up yet. Feels soft like Golden Bale.
Alumo and Bonfanti are my go-to fabrics. In particular, I like the Alumo 3-ply, although it is offered in a limited range of colors and last I looked, in no patterns. I also like D & J Anderson sea island very much. I'm surprised to hear that Riva is single ply. Are you sure? As far as I know, Bonfanti's fabrics are all 2-ply.
Fyi, Bonfanti's Capri range is a 120's poplin and sells for 21 euros/meter. Its Bristol range is 80'sx120's poplin and sells for 19 euros/mete. Both are woven on a 90 cms. loom. I like the Capri a lot. I also like the Bristol but you have to account for more shrinkage.
Agreed. If youhaven't seen it, I'll let you know if this this is as good as the others. There is a certain amount of mystery and anticipation in seeing each one.
I really don't intend to be contentious, with you, but why is it hard to pull off pairing a black and white glen plaid jacket with a light background with a blue shirt and charcoal pants? There's a good discussion of the joys of wearing light colored sc's on LL if you are curious.
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