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I have never worn AM bespoke but I have seen pictures and I must confess that the shapeliness and airiness to which you refer were not visually obvious to me; as opposed to the handwork, which attracts the most discussion. Certainly not distinctive in the way that the Huntsman and A & S jackets are. I have had shirts made by two Neopolitan makers; one made me a shirt that was tight and ill-fitting, the other (NSM) made me three shirts that fit fairly well and were not at...
And that is the point I am getting at.
I'll try once more. Do you believe AM is the only shirtmaker in the world who can provide you with the fit, finish and soft factors that you are looking for? As I recall, you chose Rubi and AM because you liked the way they looked on Iamatt. Have you tried any other custom shirtmakers other than AM and Geneva?
1. I think that, all things being equal, most peolple would consider a 30% premium to be a significant factor in their purchasing decisions.2. To make my point clearer, do you doubt that there are Neoipolitan shirtmakers who can offer you the same fit and finish as AM for a significantly lower price? If so, why? If not, have you looked having your shirts made by any other maker in Naples?
AM charges what she does because she can get her price. But, as you stated, price is not necessarily a proxy for quality, particularly in an imperfect market like Naples. Do you doubt Marco's claim that there are Neopolitan shirtmakers at least her equal who charge considerably less? If so , why? If not, aren't you curious at to who they be?
They just made me a SB coat with a detachable (button-in) belt. I don't know how to post pictures but if you want to see what it looks like (with the belt), there's a picture posted on the FrancoErcole tumbler.
Mood has carried some in limited colors-two shades of blue- in the past. I've haven't been there in a while but when they had it was like $40/yard.
I've also seen escorial/mohair mixes from Halstead.
Supposedly only certain companies have the right to sell escorial cloth. I've seen escorial cloth from Taylor & Lodge, H & S and, Martin Sons before that company was purchased by HFW.
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